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  1. So he went to the doctor and they refused to swab the sore saying it was a waste of his time and money because the sore wasn’t tender! What?! So I made him an appointment somewhere else and they don’t offer swab testing 😔 He still got a blood and urine test though so hopefully that will give us some answers. But so frustrating because the medical professionals are letting us down and we are left waiting. Finding out some results tomorrow.
  2. Yes that’s normal! Everyone heals differently but that hoe fast mine normally heal as well, it is just a few days of being uncomfortable.
  3. I use prunella Valgrias which was proven in multiple studies to decrease the number of times the herpes virus multiplies. So helping to prevent the spread, I am currently on my parents insurance & am not going to tell them about my condition so I am using natural remedies to help (hopefully). He is getting tested Monday so I hope I haven’t spread it to him. If I haven’t, I am going to stop all intimacy, I don’t think I can handle the emotional stress of it. I about got sick just reading his message. That is the worst part of this, I was lied to and got this from my last partner then ghosted me and deleted me out of NOWHERE after 6 months of being together. (Which I assume that is when he found out he got it or finally felt bad enough he couldn’t see me or talk to me.) But I was honest and open and researched and researched on how to be the safest possible in my circumstances. I can handle having this but passing it to someone I love and care for, who doesn’t deserve it, kills me inside. He is already trying to heal from somethings that have just happened that I don’t want this additional hardship for him. Whooo I needed to vent.
  4. I want to know what is prep and clean up for sex. Do you use wipes to wipe him done immediately after, should really wipe myself and get rid of anything that is there before hand? Afterwards make him shower? Whats your routine. I feel defeated. I was really confident about handling this and now this is throwing me.
  5. I am freaking out! My partner has just messaged me saying he thinks he has early signs! I don’t know what to do, I am freaking out because if this ends up being true I am going to feel awful- I literally already have a pit in my stomach. We just started being intimate & we used condoms every time! I just don’t understand. I did so much research and I thought I knew how to keep him safe. Used condoms, I’m on supplements, never had sex when I had sores! How do you keep your partners safe?! I need more answers. PRAYING that it isn’t positive.
  6. I am in the same situation as you right now, I disclosed and he was so amazing and now we have spent every night together. We were friends before, still friends now and if we decide we want more we can be adults and decide that. I say go for it! Work is normal as always! We both are keeping it on the low from our co-workers & right now that’s working perfect!
  7. I would try prunella Valgrais- it’s a natural remedy that my partner (who is negative) to prevent & I use! My symptoms used to be very similar to yours & it keeps me break out free- I get it off amazon and I LOVE IT! Maybe give it a try
  8. Are you newly diagnosed? That exactly how I was when I first got it, most of my outbreaks are on my butt.... it’s actually kinda rare I have one on my vagina. (Which I think is wierd because I never did butt stuff tmi sorry) you might be just confusing it for hemorrhoids because herpes anally have very similar symptoms.
  9. So I have just been diagnosed with herpes in March of this year. After a very painful & itchy primary outbreak I honestly thought after months of not suffering from another, I was one of the lucky few who wouldn’t suffer another..... well fast forward to today. I just woke up and I am feeling particularly itching, go down to inspect & I find two large bumps.... signs of another OB!? How do people combat the itchy-ness & dryness naturally? I am also worried about when these will turn into lesions. As I have a very active job... but maybe I just have two large lumps. Idk I’m still trying to figure this out. what have been your recurring outbreak symptoms, remedies & overall experience?
  10. @Emd44Thank you! You are smart-Why would they say get monstat if BV is cause by completely different bacteria & needs different medication. I am going to pick up some probiotics today...I think now that I have left it untreated for so long it has turned into pelvic inflammatory disease after researching 😕 please update me after your doctors appointment. I will now need to search for one.
  11. I get Brazilian regularly & haven’t noticed that it triggers outbreaks for me!
  12. Does anyone suffer from ovarian pain because of herpes? I’m starting to worry I have something else going on. I keep getting aches on both sides of my lower abdomen & I feel full. If I squeeze my thighs together it’s uncomfortable & feels like I’m squeezing my ovaries together but I have no sores or signs of an outbreak. I was diagnosed with BV at the same time as H, could that have something to do with it? I wasn’t treated for BV- they just gave me anti-vitals. I really don’t have the resources to go to the gynecologist for a full exam to know exactly what is going on so I figured I would see if anyone had a similar experience. Thanks!
  13. I have been in Australia & only got one break out here- been here 6 months! Got plenty of sun too with no problems even Sand in my bottoms- still no breakouts or irritation.
  14. Sorry a little late to the party but I just found out I had g hsv-2 exactly a month ago today. I am 23 girl & currently traveling the world. I was of course devastated by the news at first, as we all are. After the initial shock though & constant research I did I started to feel better. I stopped going through the scenarios I. My head of how I could have prevented this from happening because I realized I can’t change the past but I can take charge of how I cope with it in the future & now. How I have been looking at it as of late- 1.) this disease is a mild skin rash that most people are uneducated about- doctors are right when they say it is mild disease. It isn’t cancer- you are not loosing any of your true health! You get sores that heal in week and they go away like a scratch, yes they come back and they are annoying but again not life threatening. You can still have sex!!! & lots of it! Know the risk and the numbers. I will leave a website link here for the transmission rates which are low when you take charge! 8-10% chance of giving it to a partner annually WITHOUT medication or condoms. That percentage gets cut in half if you just antivirals. Read more here: https://herpeslife.com/rates-of-herpes-transmission/ 2.) YOU ARE COMPLETELY STILL YOU! Your worth does not dwindle because someone was not truthful to you. No one (other than sexual partners of course) has to know you have this if you don’t want them to, your personality, confidence, & allure is not gone! You are still loved and are still completely lovable. 3.) Disclosures are scary but it doesn’t have to be. Take control & don’t pity yourself when telling people. Lead the conversation in a confident way & let them ask questions. I generally go along the line of “ I have a disease that causes me to get sores on my vagina. It’s called herpes. It is contagious & I want to protect you from this because I was not given the choice. I have a 4% chance of giving it to you when I’m on medication. If we use condoms it brings it down to 1%. I listen to my body & when I get an outbreak we will just have to get creative because that mean no sex - I want to keep you safe.” It has brought me closer with my partner because they know I care enough about them to protect them. It’s vulnerability & raw & really a chance for your relationship with someone to grow & connect. WE ARE NOT HERPES! We are still the strong independent women & men we always were!
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