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  1. I actually never had a real ulcer though. Never pain or itching either. It’s always been just small circular redness. The dermatologist said it wasn’t herpes so not sure anymore 😕
  2. Hi - does anyone get lesions that are not the typical fluid-filled ulcers? I’m getting small oval/circular red lesions on my glans that are not raised at all and without fluid. They are not itchy nor painful either. I wouldn’t know they are there otherwise. Does anyone else get these that were confirmed as HSV? Can this be successfully cultured if there is no fluid?
  3. Hi - I was wondering if your outbreaks always look the same as your first one? Also is the severity of the outbreak the same or did it get worse (pain etc)? My outbreaks seem to be atypical: no fluid filled sores, no itchiness, no pain. They are just red small marks on my penis head and sometimes the shaft that are not really raised. Will all my future outbreaks look like this or will I eventually get the typical herpes sores you see on google that are painful etc.? They never have cultured the red marks because there was never any fluid. I’m having the blood test in the next couple of weeks after it’s been 5 months post exposure.
  4. Hi - can anyone give me advice on their experiences with Valtrex or acyclovir for suppressive therapy? Also brand name versus generic? Does one work better than the other?
  5. I had what I thought was herpes outbreak on the left side of my penis. Two very small red rashes just below the penis head that took weeks to go away. No pain or itchiness at all. Weeks after the red marks disappeared I get this modest burning sensation in the same area mostly. Still need to get the blood test because it’s only been 5 months. But if it is post-herpetic neuralgia how long does it take to go away? Any experiences?
  6. I’m hoping that my symptoms are from the UTI I had back in January. Even though they gave me antibiotics it might not of cleared totally. Apparently prostrate infections can give the sense of burning at the head of the penis based on other accounts. I did have intense redness and small red pimples appear at the inside of my urethra (the penis opening) after the antibiotics. I think it was bacterial because if it was herpes it would of hurt a lot when I went to the bathroom to pee and it does not at all.
  7. Did your burning sensation start right away as soon as the outbreak occurred? Mine started about 3 months afterward.
  8. Hi all - does anyone get a burning sensation on the genitals even if there are no sores? My foreskin has been inflamed and there is a burning sensation almost constantly. I had a swab of the skin and nothing showed up. I also had a UTI a couple months back so I’m not sure if that has anything to do with it. I had my first outbtreak in December and it caused massive inflammation. If I touch the inflamed area at all or use mild soap on it then it swells up. The inflammation started going down only after 3 months but funny thing is that when the burning started. The area is still a different color than the rest of my penis (darker/redder). I’m worried this is virus-induced neuropathy and is permanent so any advice would be great!
  9. Hi there - are there any updates from this thread? I’m having the same issue where I’m getting severe inflammation and now a burning sensation after the outbreak for weeks/months now. I was hoping there was some improvement or suggestions:-/
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