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  1. With a low positive it may be a false pos but I'd wait atleast the 12 to 16 weeks before doing the western blot. I actually did it a few times. I only say wait because you'll wonder if it was a false neg, like me I ended up doing it again at 1 year mark and had the same neg result. Basically the recommend to wait 12 weeks. Best of luck to you. When was the last time u tested for a base line test before that low pos.
  2. According to Terri Warren some people carry this protein to trip the test into a low number false positive. Not negative.
  3. I'd say your result with IgG was a false pos. If it was an established infection the western blot would of picked it up. Or you may have the protein that trips the igG testing.
  4. A few things can be going on here. Did u have sexual exposure in January a week or 2 before the sores appeared, or they just appeared. Another thing with low positives can also mean false positive but in this case I'm not so sure because u claim of the sores coming and going wich points to recent infection. The fact that you've been taking antiviral meds could of easily tampered with the antibody build up this whole time. Try not taking meds for a few weeks and retest if it's much higher then there it is. If it remains low I'd get a second opinion. Many things can cause sores other than herpes.
  5. I was wanting to know the same. If you tested exactly 6 months prior to this test and was negative, then 6 months later u got a positive result it's under the guidelines as they say it could take up to 6 months to show antibodies. What made u want to test? When was the last exposure? If it was beyond 6 months or within not really sure. A western blot would for sure tell u the answers
  6. I haven't taking a.v ever so that's reassuring. I'm questioning it because I've read of numerous people taking 1 year to get a pos result on bloodtests.
  7. I tried finding the same thing and unfortunately quest and lab core doesn't give the neg values. Anylabtest uses quest. That's where I went to do the westernblot.
  8. About how long did it take for that low positive, and or equivical result on the igg. if you don't me asking. Also are you saying private testing isn't that accurate and should use hospital testing.
  9. Thank you very much. I've actually gotten the western blot at 34 weeks post. I was thrown off when I read somewhere the igG is first to become positive before the wb.. Thanks again for everything you do here. It's a god send.
  10. Thank you for sharing that information Mr hopp It means alot. Would you say a negative igg at around 9 months is conclusive? Ive had a long history of hsv1 orally. Have you ever seen people take longer than 9 months to show positive for hsv2 from the same exposure
  11. They say swabs are extremely reliable unless it's a lab mix up. Have you had an igG blood test to confirm the diagnoses. 12 to 16 weeks is what it takes someone to have an antibody response.
  12. Thank you I needed that kick in the butt lol. I feel reassured then because I don't think I have a compromised immune system. I can't remember the last time I had a runny nose let alone a cold. I am over thinking this and need to believe these negative results. The more I read the more I feel worse after reading all the + swabs and - blood months later or even longer. The only thing is keeping me sane is I didn't have outbreaks or nothing just weird sensations... Can i ask if u don't mind answering. Do u have type 1 or 2. Or both and if so did u kno the exposure date and how long did it take to show in the blood? I appreciate you very much
  13. I had 1 pimplelike thing appear that litterly stayed for 2 1/2 months derm said was mallescum. I wasn't to certain and another said sabacious cyst. I had it biopsied and not even sure if they checked for hsv or even hpv. All he said it was bacterial and I wasn't asking too many questions cause so much was on my mind. I kno h doesn't last tgat long and never blistered or ulcered. Blurner did u get another test by chance. If get the western blot Just to see. If u got a low positive after 11 months it could be false. U should of gotten a low positive months ago if it was the case. I wouldn't stop there if I was u
  14. Thank you for that clarification, they say antibodies show up quicker on those that don't have hsv1 for example. I have hsv1 sinse childhood and am at a loss of what to expect. Some say it slows seroconversion some say it dont. I'm sure not passed 6 months but still all the what iffs kind of gets to ya. Thank you once again.
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