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  1. Hello everyone just a new member here slightly confused on where I might stand with HSV-2. February 7th I had sex with a woman (unprotected) who a few days later revealed to me that she had tested positive for the HSV2 IGG test (she was waiting for test results when we had sex so she wasn’t sure). As you could imagine I freaked out got myself tested (February 12th which the results you can see below) I experience some symptoms such as itching in my pubic area and all around my body (legs, arms, back) this happened in between those few days and since then hasn’t been happen since (essentially a month and a half later). The conversation I had with the doctor at the local clinic was fairly awkward as she asked me if I really wanted to be tested and also it’s more taxing on the mind especially if you don’t have any lesions to test so they could never be fully sure if you are effected or not. I’m a bit confused when it comes down to the low positive ranges and the supplemental test. While I haven’t taken this test since February I can also say I haven’t experienced any outbreaks while I do understand that means I could be asymptomatic I also find a lot of this very confusing on my behalf seeing as the same doctor I saw essentially said they can’t tell whether I have it or not. Also I was curious because I seen that typically takes a few months for antibodies to show up on the IGG test but I had a low positive range less than a week in.. not to mention the supplemental test was negative so that means my overall test was equivocal/indeterminate if I’m correct... is it possible I was exposed long ago but never had any symptoms till having sex with this lady? My ex girlfriend was tested and she came out negative also.
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