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  1. Hello, I was recently diagnosed with HSV 2 by way of swab. My blood test came back negative. The last 2 times I had sex where a month prior to diagnosis and three months prior (February and December). I know there is no time table on being able to tell who infected you through the blood test but based on research I felt like I can rule out the guy I was with in December because 3-6 months (I know 3 months is right on the cusp so it's not guaranteed) after exposure was the general rule on blood testing. Should I get a blood test again in a month or 2?
  2. I'm a 34 year old Black woman who was recently diagnosed and I'm so upset and ashamed. I had sex with 2 guys within a 2 month time period and I dont know who it came from or even how to ask. Not only that, I had sex at the beginning of my first outbreak not knowing what it was. I feel horrible knowing that I may have passed it on. I'm upset, ashamed, and embarrassed. I feel like I'll never be accepted or find love.
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