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  1. @No More Tears D of course dear!! Well a few things make me think this way. First, I have this virus and there's nothing I can do about it now, so no point in stressing over the fact of having it in general. Second, when I learned I had it i would go online and read tonsss of shit about peoples different experiences with it, outbreak triggers etc. When i learned that stress can be a trigger, I decided i wasn't going to continue reading all this stuff about it because that on its own was stressing me out, when it shouldn't.. because everyone is going to have a different experience with it. Deciding not to stress over it and just deal with it the best I could is what it really comes down to. I realize that is probably easier said than done for a lot of people, but if you try to think about it the way I explained it should gradually help. I do, however, find it useful to read about different vitamins and supplements etc that can prevent outbreaks (i've been taking lysine and b-complex vitamin) Another thing that might help is thinking about all the things you're grateful for in your life, put in perspective this virus in the grand scheme of things and I think you'll realize it could be so much worse. So all in all, keep your chin up love, as i said in my original post we're all in this together, you aren't alone and we will get through this!! <3
  2. Hi all, a little less than a month ago I had my first outbreak. It started at the same time I got my period, and at first I had no idea what was going on, and didn't figure it out until around 5 days later when my period stopped and i could actually see what was going on down there. I was in SO MUCH pain, like nothing I've ever felt before, especially when I would pee and it would get on the sores and burn like CRAZY. I went to urgent care and the doctor tested me for a bunch of stds, but seeing the sores she said I was having a herpes outbreak. Now I had recently slept with a few new guys and figured one of them must have given it to me. She prescribed me valtrex and i was on my way. a few days later they called with the results of the other std tests they ran, on top of the herpes outbreak i also had BV, and chlamydia !!!! I was like WTF, well thats just great. So i went back, they gave me a shot and a z-pack for the chlamydia and metronidazole for the BV. While i was there, after the dr came in and went over the results in person, I couldn't help but laugh when he left the room. What a freaking mess I am, i thought. I still find it kind of funny. Sure, I am stuck with herpes for the rest of my life, but so are a lot of people. I can and will deal with it the best i can. my sores have healed, although some remain sensitive, as does my butt and backs of my legs sometimes (i assume because of the virus moving to that area to 'hide out') but i am optimistic the soreness/tenderness will go away. i believe your attitude on having this virus plays a lot into how you deal with it. we're all in this together guys, it isn't the end of the world and we will get through it 🙂
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