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  1. Much appreciated! She was so great when I originally gave her the news and I do not see this being any sort of issue for us. Just wanting to learn more.
  2. I will do my best to figure this out. Thanks for the pointers! I had soars swabbed during my IO. I believe she had a blood test because she has experienced no symptoms. Will certainly get back in touch with her doc and report back. Thanks!
  3. Hi all! So I was recently diagnosed with HSV2 (was tested 1 month ago after my IO). I had a talk with a very supportive gf and she went and got tested as well. She is living in Canada, so we went to different clinics. Her doc told her that she was infected within the last 12 weeks. This would make sense, because she visited me right at the end of March and my IO happened just a couple days after she left. From what I have read and learned, there is no way to know when someone initially came into contact with the virus. Is there something that we are missing or is this doc giving bad info? Any ideas or info you all have is much appreciated!
  4. HI there! I have experienced the same thing sense my IO which was at the beginning of April. I started daily supplements and the sores cleared, but the tingling in my thighs and sensitivity of my groin and penis tip still linger. Seems like a normal thing to have happen and my symptoms do seem to be getting better everyday. I am planning to stay on supplements until the end of May and then discontinue to see what the effects might be. I am not someone who has ever taken daily meds and would prefer not to. I almost think I need to test my immune system to see what sort of regularity I might have with outbreaks so I know what the true effects are for me. Will keep this thread posted on my post IO symptoms.
  5. I think that's exactly what I'm experiencing, so thank you for sharing!
  6. So I am just over two weeks from noticing, diagnosing and medicating my initial breakout. Blister at end of penis are gone and just a hint that they existed (visually) remains. Possibly the shedding stage? Anyway, I have been taking Acyclovir for my medication. I still am feeling a tingling, almost chaffing sensation in my upper thighs and heightened sensitivity at the end of my penis and scrotum. I am wondering if this is normal at this stage and if anyone else has any comments or suggestions. It seems as though this is what I would expect to experience to forewarn of another possible breakout? Any input or comments would be greatly appreciated!
  7. Hello everyone! I have just recently been diagnosed with HSV2 and am on the tail end of my initial outbreak. I have been taking the daily meds for 8 days now and have had no side effects. My gf is aware and is going to get tested herself so that we can plan accordingly for our continued sex life. I am hoping people can comment on taking the meds daily vs taking them solely when they have an outbreak. My concern comes from two perspectives: 1) I am not a fan of taking any sort of drug on a daily basis, just because I do believe in the bodies' natural ability to take care of itself without introducing prefabricated meds and 2) I am about to leave for some long term (8 months or more) travel and am not sure if I will be able to get prescriptions while I am on the road. I am just wondering if there are any stats out there that show that taking daily has a substantially more positive result than not. I am sure that this is a highly variable thing, but perhaps there have been some clinical trials or things like that, or maybe there are some folks who have personally done both and can share their experiences. I thank you in advance and look forward to your responses.
  8. Hi there! I just found out last week that I am H+ and had to tell my GF yesterday. She took it amazingly well! I was having all the normal nervousness leading up to it and actually did a run through of the convo with my parents before calling. My gf had been visiting the week before and we had booked some travel for later this year and are going to a wedding together in May and I was worried that all that was lost. Then I switched things around in my mind. How would I feel if she came to me with the news? Whether or not is was before or after my diagnosis, I would have been empathetic and more worried about her than myself. I really think that if someone is worth keeping around, then they would have that mindset rather than adding anger to your already troubled times. Stay focused on you and just know that the ppl that matter will fully understand and accept you, because this is just small part of who you are!
  9. I literally just found out late last week that I have herpes. My girlfriend had been visiting and while she was here we booked some amazing travel for later this year. I was so nervous to tell her, but when I did yesterday afternoon it was so much better! She could tell something was going on in the days leading up and so when I came clean, she was relieved, because she thought that I was going to break up with her. I am guessing that your loved one can sense that something is going on and if your relationship has a chance, it is going to be because you have told him. If someone gets this news and reacts poorly, then that is not someone to be with imo. Think about how you would react if he told you. I would have so much empathy if the situation would have been reversed. Good luck!
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