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  1. I'm on my first OB, and I'll take pills every day to make it not happen again. I'm not sure what the downside is as I haven't had any side effects.
  2. I'm on whatever the generic for Valtrex is. The thing that scares me is that 2 pills a day didn't control it when it first happened or when I tried to lessen.... I got a whole new OB. My doctor told me that is this is the last week I can be on the high dose, so I'm not sure what happens after this.
  3. He has it orally, and I'm guessing I'm insensitive, but 1 cold sore a year seems pretty mild compared to the countless I'm dealing with down there right now. They were almost healed and a whole new batch came, so I'm on week 3 of bleeding and pain.
  4. I've been with my husband for 20 years, and at some point contracted HSV1 on my genitals. I'm currently experiencing my first outbreak which is on week 2 even with an increased dose of Valtrex. I can't get over the feelings of anger and resentment, and he's being less than supportive.... acting like it's no big deal and it's the same as a cold sore (never had one but I can't imagine them being this painful). I can't get comfortable and am basically in constant pain. I know my stress level over this isn't helping, and I just want it to stop. Anyway, I just needed to vent to some people who maybe understand since my husband clearly doesn't. Is there anything else that can help clear this up and manage the discomfort?
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