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  1. Hey lady I just wanted to let you know that 80% of the population has hsv 1 (cold sores/oral herpes) and the good news is his chances of having hsv1 before meeting you is high. I don’t know much about hsv2 because I have type 1 but when I found out I was pregnant and married to the same person for years already and was completely shocked and cried for days and days. It gets better I promise take the medicine they prescribe and use calmoseptine on the genital sores if you ever get any it’s the best topical thing I’ve found yet to help with the pain and the itching also when you pee (lol) stops it from stinging. Epsom salt baths help too. I really hope you feel better you’re not alone in this when I found out my husband got tested he has it too when I told my mom I found out even she had it when I had my daughter 2 of my nurses had it as well! You would literally never know and don’t be ashamed if you do have it ok it doesn’t make you a bad person or a “dirty” person
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