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  1. Hey! Discovered your thread since I've been perusing for people with indeterminate/ unknown status and trying to figure out an explanation of their symptoms. Did you ever get a follow-up or any additional insight into your situation? While I've tested negative I do exhibit itching and more recently alot of irritation in the lip area. In my case though I do live in a humid area and have suffered jock itch before. I'm no expert and still trying to figure things out but wouldnt your test be conducted too early? Especially if your suspected transmission was around June. The antibodies may not have developed yet and its possible you may just have missed the window on the IGM. That said, I think if you are already taking antivirals and symptoms persist, this does point towards an alternative cause.
  2. Hmm sorry for the late reply... I'm no expert and only joined to ask more questions and see if people had similar experiences as me. I just took one last WB today after developing a small rash down there thats a bit itchy so fingers crossed hopefully it'll be fine. Thats a good question but to my knowledge and internet search I do believe HSV can spread from one site to another, so that could be something to take note of. As for PCR i dont think it would have a significant effect. The issue is that there needs to be something picked up by the swab (skin cells, secretions, etc) that can be used. That was what I was told my the doctor today as I asked if I should do a PCR instead of a WB (since I've tested negative for IGG, WB, etc. and my past exposure was roughly 2 years ago). If you're taking valtrex and there's no reduction in the symptoms I think that would be a clear sign that it's something else?
  3. Im sorta in the same boat, though some of my symptoms could easily be confused for jock itch (which I do have) and they tend to come and go. Just wanted to know did you get any clarity about this? I've been tested after 2 years + since any possible exposure (non type specific IGG negative), and did some WB's (negative) but thinking about going in for one last battery of testing as I'm seeing someone now.
  4. If you've had them swabbed, isnt that quite conclusive? Given that you werent taking any antivirals before. Alot of rashes do involve bumps, including non HSV rashes like jock itch, dermatitis, etc. Im a bit uncertain about my own diagnosis (might begin my own post soon), but I think you ought to be in the clear. Just note though, and I'm really not trying to fearmonger- but HSV1 can be present on the genitals. It's possible that you contracted it there as opposed to having a new HSV2 infection. Anyways, keep us updated and wishing you all the best.
  5. Thanks for the positive words! Yeah it is stressful, and I do get itching quite regularly, though its not necessarily localized (and I do get jock itch very, very, very easily). It can really bring out fears. For me I've noticed that there are dots on my penis but they have been persistent (1+ years) and not really abated- so I'm guessing its something that natural for me rather than a result of an infection. I did have mine swabbed but I got scared over something else and took 1G Valtrex 9 days before I did the swab so I intend to get tested later next week. Given all of our similar stories please do keep us (and me) updated if you go on testing. I definitely will as well since my shaft has gotten a bit itchy and there's a very small rash (no fluid though) so not sure if I can swab or just do another WB. I agree however that WB testing is the way to go but it really ought to done before an IGG. I come from a science background and if you've done a blot, its essentially just lines on a gel-paper. I'd imagine that since both of us have had exposure dates of over a year (if we were infected) our antibody counts should be rather high and the bands ought to be prominent. Either way, since all of us have taken an IGG, that's sort of out of the question and a WB would be warranted.
  6. I mean I think if you've done so many tests surely its going to be negative? Im not gay but in somewhat of a similar situation background wise and there is definitely still some uncertainty over my test results as well- I left a relationship but after some prompting and fears over friend's diagnosis got quite scared. I even bought antivirals but took a WB a year after and a IGG this year, which still turned out negative. Im planning to get tested soon too since sometimes my parts do get a bit... itchy and there's always a big fear looming. I suppose its just easy to mistake the symptoms for other things? The discomfort could be due to the actual physical roughness as opposed to something viral or medical.
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