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  1. I found out i had herpes about 3 years ago. I haven't dated since. I was already having dating problems and this just compounded it. ABout a year after i got herpes, i met a guy on a dating site and ended up having the most insane connection. Fell for him hard. I have told him i loved him, and we both have made comments about the future etc. We have talked almost every day for the last year and a half. For other reasons, he kept putting off coming out here to meet me, so i just never felt comfortable telling him about my herpes. Finally about three weeks ago, he told me he was coming for sure. Well, i was so excited at first and then realized i needed to tell him before he got here. So about a week ago, i told him over text. I didn't even plan it, it just came out because he asked why i was acting weird. His response was extremely short. "sorry that happened to you, thats not fair to you. but i don't know what to say right now. i wish you had told me sooner" i wrote back that i was sorry i didn't but i didn't know how. That was 8 days ago. Tomorrow was the day he was supposed to come out here. I have not heard from him since. I did text him, about 4 days later, and he responded "still thinking" . then gave him three more days, and i texted and called, and he has ghosted me. any advice here would be great. did i wait too long to tell him? does he hate me? will i hear from him or is he ghosting me? again this is a someone i was extremely close with. not just a casual text here and there.
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