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  1. Thanks for your reply. All my symptoms started after an unprotected encounter, which I didn’t consent to. I actually did have uncomfortable really painful symptoms lasting almost 7 weeks with a rash and it responded to antivirals. I was literally in a fetal position for two of those weeks. My doctor I feel is very uneducated on the subject. After this month I’ll be at 16 weeks. Then I’ll blood test again. If it’s negative again then I still won’t believe it because all the inconsistencies and variables. This is a wild ride!
  2. I looked it up and it’s not that, it was on my head not shaft...😞
  3. Anyone twitching in their lower mid back or is it just me!?
  4. Can herpes present as small flesh colored lesions on a non red base? I had this happen on my glans and they weren’t pearly papules because I know about those. These flesh colored bumps appeared after self stimulation and disappeared in less than 2 days, but followed up with internal pain for two more days.
  5. How many of you experience twitching sensations in your mid back area? Twitching or it can sometimes feel like a pulse matching my heart rate. Also randomly my thighs will spasm. Wondering if this is just anxiety or possibly h related? These are not painful btw just new to me and annoying more active when I’m laying down. Thanks for reading.
  6. How many of the guys on here have dark spots/patches on their glans that won’t go away after a period inflammation? Are dark spots a common side affect of an outbreak? I’ve had some dark spots for about 3 months now. Appreciate your input.
  7. Interesting topic. I think it probably just depends on the person and how their body responds to the substance. I was a regular cannabis smoker for over 10 years and since recently experiencing symptoms of hsv (still undiagnosed) I’ve had to stop smoking because of a whole new anxiety that I’ve never had before. So I switched to CBD products like oil and hemp capsules for similar affects without the buzz.
  8. I feel like hanging out with people who understand what we are going through so hit me up if you want to hang. I can send you my social media in a DM. Preferably someone around my age 29. Have a good day ya’ll!
  9. I’m a 29 year old male, professional musician in the SF Bay Area if anyone wants to get together and jam hit me up or just chill and talk. Preferably looking for a female around my age, but anyone would be nice. Take care.
  10. Well does it? I wonder how many H outbreaks cause pain with urination. Me personally I have not, but curious if I ever will. Please respond with a yes or no to pain when peeing related to hsv. Thank you for any feedback.
  11. How are you doing with this? I’m having a similar experience...let me know I just have nerve pain too...everything seems to look ok
  12. I missed two weeks of work and I’m only 29 years old. Still dealing with the psychological aspect every day. People on here say it gets better...I’m new as well, good luck.
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