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  1. I’m a 29 year old male, professional musician in the SF Bay Area if anyone wants to get together and jam hit me up or just chill and talk. Preferably looking for a female around my age, but anyone would be nice. Take care.
  2. Well does it? I wonder how many H outbreaks cause pain with urination. Me personally I have not, but curious if I ever will. Please respond with a yes or no to pain when peeing related to hsv. Thank you for any feedback.
  3. How are you doing with this? I’m having a similar experience...let me know I just have nerve pain too...everything seems to look ok
  4. I missed two weeks of work and I’m only 29 years old. Still dealing with the psychological aspect every day. People on here say it gets better...I’m new as well, good luck.
  5. I was on Lysine which helped then I stopped for a couple days. I’m already under weight and vegetarian so now I’m going to have to cut out more foods I’m sure. This feels so un real...I’m also a full time working musician and afraid to date now because so many people know me in my area. If I infect anyone my career is over...playing music is also causing me irritation...my one and only love music walking away from me. (I play drums professionally so you can guess the physical part of it leading to irritation)
  6. I am still undiagnosed but think I have ghsv2. I had a whole series of pain for about 7 weeks with no blisters only serious redness on my penis glans and urethra. Finally started to feel better and look better. Then I decided to pleasure myself and a whole new look came about. I had one little red zit appear about 20mins after on the head and a bunch of red blotches spread out underneath the head. The pimple was gone less than 24hrs, redness soon faded but I had internal pain the next two days. Could this be a reccurent outbreak? Never seen anything like this in me. I went the next morning for a swab, but the zit/pimple was gone and the swab came back negative. Although it wasn’t even a thorough swab. I am absolutely scared. Have you ever just had a single pimple looking outbreak before with redness? My pearly pappules also expand and I grew some more flesh colored bumps that also faded. I have yet to have a real blister, but I don’t know what’s happening. Also, what’s the deal with pain following cleared up visual problems?? It’s internal pain not skin.
  7. Looking for some input, please let me know if you experienced this or not...
  8. Hi, so i just randomly got what looked like a small cut on my inner bottom lip. It did not hurt. The first day it was just red then the next morning it had a couple small white heads that I was able to brush away and now it’s healed. Only lasted about a day and a half. Sound like a cold sore? I don’t remember biting my self or burning...
  9. You’re right my doctors were not very helpful...and he just said try acyclovir for 7 days only. That was the urologist, who was not helpful other than giving me anti virals to try. My primary doctor is convinced I don’t have anything based off my negative igg after 5 weeks and says any relief I experienced was likely a placebo effect lol what. I will get retested in a couple months. My urethra is still inflamed, but doesn’t hurt/tingle any more (after 6-7 weeks of pain)...that’s the most concerning thing for me and all the urologist could tell me was try antivirals because I didn’t experience pain urinating. No blisters, glans has some grey spots now after previously being red. Not itchy though. I’m heavily confused on what’s happened to me.
  10. Hey fellas, this might seem strange, but what does your urethra look like inside when you open it? Mine has looked inflammed for almost two months. Its mostly pinkish, but has some redness, one side has what looks like a vein, then I see a couple little red spots, where I believe herpes possibly entered, but honestly don’t know and doctors don’t either... Can you post in as much details as possible on how yours looks, for comparison? Color, smooth, bumpy, spots or not, etc. There are almost no pics online the web either. I had severe pain for awhile, but not during urination. Pain has gone but it still tingles? If that makes sense and it basically looks the same since the start.
  11. The girl I was with is convinced that she’s clean, and doesn’t want to test. She told me she has mono before. Also found out afterwards that she’s schitzophrenic and I read that can be link to hsv and mono, rarely...but she definitely is mental...and admits it
  12. I saw a primary care doctor that didn’t think it was anything just irritation and “in my head”...it was not just mental. Then I saw a urologist who took a look in my urethra after I told him about the constant tingling/pain and he literally said “try acyclovir and see what happens” took it for 7 days and felt some relief, but then it all came back on day 8 after I stopped meds? Nobody has diagnosed anything, but I don’t see what else could be the cause at this point. Doesn’t add up.
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