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  1. I was diagnosed with hsv1 from a blood test a few months ago and me and my doctors assumed it was oral. However I’ve had chronic bv for almost 7 years 😕 I’m wondering if my dr can do a culture and herpes swab in the same test cuz I wanna know if I actually have ghsv1.
  2. I have oral hsv1, like many other people, & I still disclose because it feels like the right thing to do. Idk where I got it from and if I could have made the choice I wouldn’t have gotten it. I read all these stories of ppl having successful dating lives but I’m 23 and guys my age are not accepting of my ohsv1. They ask questions and seem fine/curious but then ghost me because they think I can’t give them head (🙄) but 30+ year olds are fine and willing to get tested for me. Sometimes I think I should not be disclosing & it’s overkill but since knowing my status, I want my partners to get a blood test even BEFORE making out with me. Disclosing is hard and gives me anxiety but It really weeds the a-holes out of my life too. Sure casual sex can be fun but slow down. You can infect people! I don’t kiss until I get someone’s hsv status or consent because I don’t want to be the person to give them herpes. Be responsible.
  3. If I were you, I would be up front because you need the closure. Ask him if he’s ever had been tested for herpes because after you guys hooked up something happened and you think he gave it to you. Explain that herpes isn’t on standard std tests so it’s likely he’s never been tested. Also many people who have it and are asymptomatic & doctors don’t test unless people show symptoms. im 23 girl and I know it’s really scary but you can’t keep yourself wondering! Your guy might deny it or say he’s never been tested but at least you got some kind of an answer from him. It took me a year to talk to the guy i think gave me my herpes & even tho he denied having it himself, it was a relief for me to tell him what I've been going through & how I felt abt him / the situation.
  4. You said you haven’t kissed or did oral but you’re having sex? do you have ohsv1? 80% of people have it so It’s no big deal and dating should be completely fine. Sadly tho a bunch of people don’t even realize they’re carriers of the virus so they might be deterred from dating someone who knows their status.
  5. I’m not sure if it’s the same but I have hsv1 & had constant burning /tingling on my lips for 11 months. I started taking a vitamin and my symptoms went away in a couple weeks. I don’t even take the vitamin every day any more bc I forget since I don’t have the feeling anymore. the vitamin I take is nature mades b-complex with vitamin c and zinc. It says it’s a stress reliever but it has so many vitamins in it that help with healthy nerve functioning. Hopefully it works for you too!
  6. I don’t think she’s a contagious walking thing. At the time, I didn’t know my status and wasn’t sure if I could get it from her which is reasonable concern. Wouldn’t you agree most ppl who don’t have herpes try to avoid getting it...? and I wasn’t scared about testing positive because of her. I was scared of testing positive because of what happened last year. It brought back old concerns but alright, go off
  7. Yeah, i have hsv1. I don’t know if it is oral or genital but I assume it’s oral herpes cuz I’ve kissed like 3x more people than I’ve had sex with. Also, my dad had coldsores when I was younger so I could’ve gotten it from him when I was little but I’ll never know. My main worry is kissing my 2 year old brother or giving oral to my bf. My dr didn’t seem worried about these things but I am. I wanna avoid passing this onto others but my dr thought antivirals were unnecessary.
  8. I’ve never had a cold sore or a genital outbreak, I just took the test out of curiosity. I had a feeling I would test positive because 80% of people have this but I’m still really upset and don’t know what to do with this info. what does this mean for kissing and oral sex? I don’t wanna pass it to anyone but im asymptomatic. my igg results were positive for hsv1 with a value of 22.2? What does the value mean? Is it possible to know if this is a new or old infection
  9. I was talking to my friend and learned after the fact that her boyfriend has had an outbreak on his lips before so I’m not sure if it’s both or just oral. However, I just read through the article and believe my risk is low because he doesn’t have any cold sores and I didn’t Directly touch his lips. the two have been together 4 months, kissing, and she’s never had it spread to her lips so i don’t think she would have given it to me with a quick kiss either.
  10. Friday night I was drinking with my friend and her bf. They both have genital herpes. Apparently her bf has gotten an outbreak on his mouth but she never has. I’m not sure if they passed it to me but my friend kissed me (I pulled away) but we shared Pepsi and beers because I was only nervous abt skin-skin contact even tho none of them have an active outbreak on either genital or face. Anyway, Later that night I gave my boyfriend a blowjob and the next day, which was yesterday, he told me he had a bump near his groin. I feel like I was closer to exposure than he ever was so is it just a coincidence he got a bump right after I blew him the night I was with my friends? I told him not to worry cuz I don’t have any cold sores but I was involved in kinda risky behavior by sharing with them.
  11. Thank you for replying so quickly!! I really appreciate it! I completely agree with everything you say, last year when the tingling first showed up I called planned parenthood because I wanted to be tested and they said they wouldn’t do bloodwork unless I have an active outbreak so I cancelled that appointment. Then in the summer I had my physical in June 2019 and I had an std blood test done, I was told everything was negative but I’m not sure if that tests for herpes or just hepatitis, hiv, etc. anyway, after that I had some peace of mind bc bloodwork, right? But I still don’t know my status 100% and now, since my friend was actually diagnosed 3 months ago & I still see her all the time it makes me nervous I might’ve been exposed again! Ughh you’re right it’s rabbit hole and it seems like doctors would rather us be ignorant if there’s no sores. Idk I want a test but I’m so scared of how I’ll react if it’s actually positive... and it might be.
  12. How have you been? I was reading your other posts and I strongly relate! I think I may have gotten hsv1, I kissed a guy last April and my lip has tingled every day ever since. It’s been like 10 months and I’m still waiting for a cold sore to pop up and get me out of denial but it hasn’t happened so Ive lived life normally since... I don’t want to make myself depressed by getting a positive result. however my friend who I know has genital herpes as of November has been spending a lot of time with me this month and I think I should get checked for real. I don’t have sex with her, I’m just paranoid that everyone has given me herpes and I’m susceptible to something since I have tingling sensations on my lip. my vagina is fine. It doesn’t hurt But I get chronic vaginitis, which is like a yeast infection. So my question I guess is, does your lip still tingle and are u currently living as if your results are negative?
  13. Thanks for replying and putting me at ease! After we kissed I thought it would be fine too. I know she gives her bf oral(the guy who gave it to her) but I still don’t think her herpes is oral so I wasn’t concerned at all, we were even sharing a Pepsi at some point. Plus, when she had her first outbreak she was living with me and we were sharing joints and drinks and nothing ever happened to me so I’m pretty sure it’s contained to their genitals. I’ve never been tested for herpes cuz I’ve never really had a reason to but every time I hang out with my friend my bf makes me feel like I need to see a doctor asap. It’s rude as hell cuz she’s been my bestie for 9 years and this just happened to her a few months ago. I wanna support her and treat her the same!! But I’m also not really educated so the kiss freaked me out a little bit bc my bf gets in my head abt things.
  14. Hi my best friend & her boyfriend have genital herpes. We were drinking two days ago and she kissed me. It was a really quick peck cuz I didn’t want to and pulled away... At the time I didn’t really care but as days go on, and I’m sober, I’m nervous about getting herpes too. I’ve never seen her with a cold sore but I know shes infected. She told me she took her medication but How worried should I be? also i gave my bf a blowjob and I’m nervous for both of us. I would hate to have given it to him cuz he hates when I hang out with my bestie since her diagnosis..... ive also never had a cold sore but this was only a few days ago she kissed me
  15. I asked a question before cuz I thought I might have been exposed to herpes a few months ago but I don’t think I was because I never got a cold sore or an outbreak, my lip just tingles constantly... & it still does months later. however, recently a friend of mine was staying at my house for a month and last week she got bumps on her vagina so she moved back to her parents house. I didn’t think much of it cuz she was barely sexually active so I didn’t think she had herpes, maybe just an ulcer or cyst, but she was diagnosed with herpes over the weekend. Anyway since she was staying at my house all that time should I be worried that I have herpes? We didn’t have sex or anything but we smoked blunts together, shared drinks, shared a shower (even though she says she didn’t use my soap), etc. her herpes is on her genitals, nothing on her lips but it’s still concerns me! its also my bfs house and he is going to be furious if I tell him but if it’s not that contagious, should I just keep it to myself unless one of us has an outbreak??
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