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  1. Hello, First post here 🙂 A new partner of mine (we have not been sexual yet) has advised me that she has HSV1. I was just wondering if y’all could maybe help me with some things, because I am getting conflicting information online. 1) If I have had cold sores my whole life, don’t I technically already have HSV1 too? It is different in the genitals vs. oral yes? I was also pretty promiscuous in my past, but I’ve never been tested because doctors always told me I couldn’t be because I get cold sores (I’ve had no symptoms genitally ever). 2) I’ve read that it’s hard for people who have it orally, to then contract it genitally. Is this true? 3) How protective are condoms in this situation? (I am a guy). I have read everything from only 50% to “hugely protective”. Any help at all is so appreciated! I really like this girl and this has put a bit of a dampener on the situation 😞 Regards
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