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Scared... and remorsefull

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  1. Hello I’ll start off by saying that I have HSV1 and was recently did a blood test verify it and during that blood test it came back as positive for that and the devastating news that I also had HSV2. I had had two blood tests to make sure. I am negative on my other std panel results and have always been diligent about it. I am also on daily suppressive therapy for about 1yr or longer, I can’t remember the exact date I started it. I have always done my best to not pass it on to anyone because that would kill me. I am not a bad person and would never want that on anyone. I was completely and utterly devastated... I cried and my anxiety and depression when I found out I had HSV2 also. But I have a mistake and I have no idea what to do and how to do it. I have always had a fear of disclosing. With all that being said I have a huge mistake and error and it’s driving me insane.. It’s to a point where I feel like I should just end it... I recently had a sexual encounter with married couple, a man and a woman. We started talking from a bar and we all became friends and clicked form there. I was going to disclose it to them but at a party and drinks were flowing, one thing led to another and we had sex. I feel like a total fucking piece of garbage, because I put them at risk... Even though I did not have a outbreak at the time and no signs of one coming and take daily suppressive therapy. I take one daily pill of Valtrex. At the time no condom was used.... the thing that hurts is that I am building a amazing friendship with them and I feel like I have betrayed their trust and true start of a beautiful friendship.. I am so sorry about that... I have no idea what to do... I know I have to tell them.. I’m just scared too.. the rejection will kill me... hopefully people here will understand... my intention was never to infect anyone..
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