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  1. I agree I dont feel like he should be dragging you along.... two weeks is enough time to understand if he is willing to be with you maybe you can ask him one last time because the longer you stay connected I am thinking maybe the deeper the hurt will be if he should say no eventually? Just my opinion 🙂
  2. Hello! First of all this site is awesome and I thank everyone for all of your posts and information you are willing to share with one another I have learned a lot here by reading through the posts. I just wanted to share a successful disclosure that I just had an encourage those on this site as I know we tend to get scared or in our own minds make a decision that nobody will ever want to be with us, but it is a lie from the enemy and we all are much more than this!! I recently got out of a divorce and got back into the dating scene. I really like this guy and I have been so so nervous to tell him about having ghsv1 as it's the first time I had to tell someone since being with my ex for the past decade. Anyway I got the courage to just lay it out there on text today and told him some minor facts as I didnt want to make it a book lol but was honest and open with him. After I hit send I am sure like many of you I was so terrified but also felt relieved and proud I got it out there. He responded saying he appreciated me being honest and open but that nothing changes the way he looks at me and he still wants me to be his girl 😁. I started tearing up reading it, he then continued to say now I have to tell you something...I am pretty sure I have ADD. 😂 I was laughing so hard and it made me realize what a great guy he is and that we all come with baggage and we all should not get down on ourselves, yes we may face rejection and discomfort here and there but doesnt everyone? I appreciate you all and I hope this helps someone! I know we have our good and bad days but I want to encourage someone to get out there and live to the fullest I promise it will be okay, you are worthy of all the love and happiness!
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