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  1. I've been talking to this guy. We are really into each other. I disclose. Immediately after disclosing he says it's no problem, we would be good. Take necessary precautions and we'd be great. Never asks me any questions or shows any form of concern or apprehension. Nothing. A couple of days later he goes to meet with his doctor to get more information. The doctor told him it's never promised that he can be guaranteed not to contract it (of course) and that the risk increases with increased sexual activity. He's been completely down about it since. We continue to talk every day. About everything under the son. He feels, however, that he is "faced with a dilemma" between love and his health. He says he is falling for me and he is scared to date me because he would never want to contract it and we not work out. Leaving him with it and having to disclose to the next person. I understand that. Here's my issue...we talk every day. About everything. He sings my praises daily. He tells me about how one-in-a-million of a woman I am. That they don't make them like me anymore and that he would hate to make the wrong decision and miss out on the best thing that's ever happened to him but that he doesn't necessarily know what decision is the wrong one. To be with me, or not to be. I'm growing irritable and weary. As this has been going on for over 2 weeks now. The back and forth. Not to mention him saying "if not for your situation, I know for a fact that I would have asked you to be my woman a long time ago". I'm just feeling like, if you feel so strongly, and I'm such this light in your life...why don't you take that leap? Stop telling me essentially how much I'm the woman for you and how "I've never wanted a woman so much that I was scared to date". He says he feels the clock is ticking on him giving me a decision. And I'm feeling like, how long am I supposed to continue to wait for him to mull over it?? I have to listen to him debate with himself every...day... How long before I say forget it and cut all ties?
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