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  1. I've been diagnosed with this since may, I have no support and still feel like my life no longer has a purpose.
  2. Are you on medication? Use condoms?
  3. What is the meaning behind the index number?
  4. It was confirmed thru a blood test. We have been dating since Oct but he has decided to end things because I have made him "diseased". I was married for 11 years and hadn't had an other partners until recently. I free like everything I touch has hsv now. I think I'm just going thru a stage of hurt and I feel like a nasty whore because I cant pinpoint between the 2 where I contracted it.
  5. I don't know what to expect as I havent had any OBs yet, but I would rather end my life then live like this. My scared to touch my child for they I will contaminate her. The guilt of not knowing if I gave it to my partner or they gave it to me. I'm afraid to touch myself for fear that I will spread it to other areas. I would rather end my life then live thru this hell.
  6. I just found out last week but I'm unsure how long I've had because I've never had any symptoms.
  7. I havent told anybody... my plan is to not tell anybody, isolate myself from the world and never ever date again.
  8. What would you consider very high? Does the levels go up over time?
  9. I was recently diagnosed but have no idea when I was exposed. My levels where 13.3 for VSH2 does that mean I was recently exposed. I've never had any symptoms.
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