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  1. @Fmals yeap, but they're actually much easier to handle than the initial one and don't effect my routine life
  2. I live in an islamic country (Iran) where sex is a taboo and people are rarely aware of their sexual health status, as there is almost no sexual awareness provided for them. By the way, many people have sex without knowing such thing as HSV or HPV exists and spread them unconsciously. In islamic ccountries girls are expected to be virgin untill they are married to someone and "lose their virginity" to that man. If you are a girl and you have a STD, many people will judge and label you. So families are afraid that if their daughter is not a virgin or sexually healthy, she will loose the chance to get married in the future. (There are some people the same as me who think of it as a sexist and stupid idea, but unfortunately we are a minority) I was 16 when I had my fisrt sexual contact, with the man that I was dating for 1 month. We didn't have a complete intercourse but HSV2 was transmitted to me by genital to genital contact. I had my first outbreak two weeks after. It was so painful and I could barely walk normally. I couldn't understand what was happening to me. I visited a doctor with my mom and the doctor told us that I have HSV. Ever since, when we have a fight, she occasionally brings up the topic that I have HSV and ... . But she still loves me and has accepted me for who I am. Now I'm 18, two years have passed and I have accepted herpes as an unseperatable part of me. My friends were so kind and supportive and none of my partners have rejected me. Maybe someone rejectes sleeping with me in future or somebody calls me a wh*** for having HSV. But who cares!? I even know some girls who are married to their loved one and have children with them, in Iran! I understood that HSV is not preventing me from being happy; I am donig it to myself by stupidly judging and blaming myself for having it. If we want others to accept us, we should love ourselves for who we are. So, forget about all the stigma and remember you are beautiful and worthy of being loved.
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