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  1. Hi, All, I am at the tail-end of my first outbreak. I found out 2 weeks ago that I have herpes after the arrival of painful sores and flu-like symptoms. I cannot believe how sick I was. I still feel kind of traumatized by it. Wow. I missed an entire week of work. Was anyone else's first outbreak that bad? I am a 41 y/o female in a committed relationship. My partner has been extremely supportive. I am a professional with a business and 2 degrees. I have never in my life had an STI so it was a shock. Reading about the stigma of herpes has been so helpful, but I still feel gross and ashamed. I feel like I will never want to have sex again. I feel like I won't psychologically be able to get past it. What has worked for you in this area? I also have a question about Valtrex. I was diagnosed by a Dr. at the local urgent care and given a week-long Rx for an anti-viral. Am I now supposed to be given a lifelong Rx for Valtrex? I have never been on any kind of meds in my entire life so the prospect of this is kind of scary. I'd love to hear from anyone who is willing to share what their meds journey for herpes has been like. I feel like I sound like a complete baby about all of this, but I also know that talking about it and giving support is important.
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