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  1. Thank you for your honest post. I am worried about something similar with my 10 year old. Zero chance of abuse or something weird. People say it can’t be spread non sexually but HSV1 can through drinks, chap stick, etc, so I don’t know. did you get any test results?
  2. In the past month alone I have gotten an out break from having blood drawn (woke up the next day with a tingling elbow and 2 lesions on that arm) and starting on an SSRI anti depressant (worst OB in years), I also get outbreaks from working out too hard, too much alcohol, caffeine, too much sun. Has anyone found an antidepressant that doesn’t increase their outbreaks? I was reading online that SSRIs can decrease immunity. All these outbreaks are making me depressed!!
  3. I know this thread is older but did either of you ever get any answers or relief? I am dealing with the same symptoms for 3 years plus bumps that seem exactly like HSV but all negative tests. Very frequent. I am a nurse so I know it’s not all in my head or just normal stuff. Thanks for this thread, it was good to know I am not alone
  4. I don’t know for sure if I have HSV but I am 99% sure I have it despite negative blood tests. I have tested for everything else, including thyroid, celiac, B12 deficiency, autoimmune diseases like lupus. Sometimes I wake up with pins and needles in one arm or leg when I am NOT in a bent up position (like I know it happens when you sleep on your stomach with your arms above your head). This will happen several nights in the same extremity and then aching dull joint pain in my knee or hip or elbow, then an outbreak on my butt on the same side of the body. It’s freaky. Obviously those could individually be 100 different things but the pattern and cyclic nature of it makes me think it’s related to these red bumps/blisters.
  5. It definitely shouldn’t be herpes that often but the “prodrome” type nighttime itching and tingling (not just at night but it’s worse then) before the rash appears, plus the fact that they are fluid filled, doesn’t point to much else. It’s not celiac rash. Nothing ulcerative, it’s in my mouth and throat but not other mucous membranes. But on my thighs, butt, bikini area, one on my face today. Oh and my scalp. I can feel them in my hair so badly before the bumps. It feels like someone pulling my hair. https://www.nhs.uk/conditions/chickenpox/ Looks like the first picture on here but I already had chickenpox as a kid and shingles doesn’t recur often. anyway, thanks for listening big and letting me vent. I would give anything to stop this non stop cycle. I see now why people fall for these quack cures.
  6. Hi everyone. I have had what I THINK is Herpes for 3 years now. I have had 4 negative IgG tests over that time but no one will PCR test swab a damn lesion. 3 different times at 3 different doctors and they all say “no it looks like folliculitis” and swab for bacteria, which is negative. Same in my throat once- no, wasn’t strep. Anyway, this OB is particularly bad. Itchy for 2 nights and couldn’t sleep well. Does this LOOK like Herpes? I basically get some form of this every 10 days after a day or 2 of tingling/itching but not usually this bad. Also, I am not a troll, I am actually a nurse. I understand that it doesn’t make sense That my HSV IgG is negative and I could still think I have it but trust me when I say me and a zillion specialist have ruled out many things. I just want answers and to be normal. Please help! I am miserable. [Images automatically removed]
  7. Hi guys. I am at my wits end. I have had constant symptoms and outbreaks for 2.5 years now. I was convinced I had genital herpes and then also oral but I am now on my 4th negative IgG test. This last one was after 3 plus months of no antivirals. I itch frequently, especially at night, on my face and nostrils and butt and now newly my shins. Then I get red bumps on my face and butt. Repeat at least weekly. Frequent sore throat and sometimes sores in mouth or cuts like lines from nothing. Not actual cold sores. I have seen an allergist and immunologist which didn’t turn up much. Had to see an eye specialist for new eye pain and redness. All other labs like thyroid, inflammatory/rheumatoid markers normal. Celiac negative. Today I received my latest negative HSV lab results and boom, 2 lesions on my butt. Any ideas for what it could be if not herpes? It’s 100 percent not a pimple, it is fluid filled. What else could it be? I keep trying to get it swabbed but no luck so far, urgent care keeps treating me for folliculitis (for 2 years...okay...). Any chance it’s still HSV? Appreciate all your advice. (also I am an RN and basically never went to the doctor for anything before this started. It’s not in my head and it’s not an exaggeration of symptoms).
  8. Hi Exhausted Girl, did you ever figure out what was causing the symptoms? Or did they get better? I also keep testing negative but acyclovir seems to help somewhat and I think I have given this to someone else now. So frustrating as I only started seeing them since I kept testing negative. I had been 2 years for me now.
  9. Okay you're definitely negative for Herpes then, right?? Any idea of what it actually is then? Anything help? Trying to figure out what I have too, very similar. I will say a very high quality probiotic has helped me
  10. What is this protein? Does it trip the testing in to a false negative or false positive?
  11. Have you had a positive IgG or swab? I also feel like it has spread to my eyes but luckily no actual vision part of the eye involvement. Also have similar facial bumps. No pimples, stingy. But of course doctors don't believe us.
  12. Stunnedbythis, have you tested positive for HSV and have similar? Or also test negative? I am happy to report that I have less frequent bumps on my butt now but everything else is still awful, especially the facial/nostril/butt/vagina itching. It's every single day. Which also seems like not herpes, isn't it supposed to be cyclical? Can you have outbreaks if you never DON"T have an outbreak?
  13. Thanks! My symptoms started with a frequent and constantcycle of itchy genitals/butt followed by bumps on my butt which are burny/stingy, red with tiny fluid filled centers. But many individual bumps, not clusters. Frequent sore throats at the same time with occasional ulcers in back of throat or on gums, but they are small and not always there. Very very itchy nostrils and face and eyelashes. Tingling lips and irritated corners of mouth, irritated/tingling genitals. Sometimes feeling like my chin is being stabbed with thumbtacks, then ends in tiny bumps appearing with a tiny fluid filled center. Clearly not a coincidence that it's the face and butt at same time but no one can explain that. Working up everything and was just negative for....everything. Thyroid, lupus, lyme, celiac, IgA deficiency, varicella (I am immune but show no current infection based on IgM), STD's, all negative. I am scared to do WB for it to say HSV 1 and I still won't have an answer. But why do I have no IgG to HSV1 now if I clearly used to have regular full on cold sores?
  14. BlurneWorder, I don't think your symptoms are from stress or in your head as I have almost the EXACT same thing. For 2 years. HSV IgG 1 and 2 negative, and pretty low of a negative at 2 years (0.23 and 0.19). When you say you once tested positive for HSV1, was that an IgM test? I also get itchy bumps in groin/on buttocks, which doctors always call folliculitis. But it comes with a terrible itchy prodrome and always comes back. And never pus filled, always fluid, but no "typical" HSV looking. Last time was negative for bacterial culture. I also have constantly tingling/chapped lips, irritated and red corners of mouth, sore throat, itchy face, itchy butt check, small ulcerations in mouth occasionally, itchy butt, weird itchy zits (but not zits, tiny but clear fluid not pus), itchy eyelashes, dry eyes. Occasional brain fog, once at work I couldn't remember the name a doctor I had worked with for years. Also like you mine is more constant than cyclical. Always one thing or the other although the itchy actual bumps downtown have finally become less constant. So...many people here with negative HSV tests and similar symptoms. Has anyone had a lesion swabbed for HSV PCR or Varicella? Has anyone had the blood PCR test for "disemminated" HSV? Does Acyclovir or Valtrex help anyone? I feel like it helps a little but once they had me try the protocol for active shingles of 1000mg Valtrex 3x a day and it did not help clear up my butt. Took it for 6 months with no relief, then switched to acyclovir which maybe helped? What are the odds that lots of people can be negative for HSV IgG but have tons of symptoms? What are the odds all of them are also Acyclovir resistant? Or maybe this just IS the symptoms of one particular resistant strain? What else can it be? Help I am desperate! But wanted to let you know you're not alone. Also I am so tired of itching all night.
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