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  1. Original poster here- just had Igg levels checked again and they were 0.23 for HSV 1 and 0.11 for HSV 2. To me this proves I do in fact have Herpes as I for sure had cold sores as a younger adult and this isn’t even showing that so therefore is clearly wrong. Anyway, just super frustrated as I was up all night itching and woke up with a sore inside my mouth (new spot for me! Good times). I really do think some people have something wrong with their immune system. What can I do?? In response to the above I have been checked for strep (above and below), I do sleep plenty, I have been avoiding nuts and excessive chocolate, switched from coffee to tea but drink an occasional cup. I take Vit C, Vit D, B vitamins, and now switched From Valtrex daily to Acyclovir twice a day, 400mg. Basically my body cannot fight it. The funny thing is I am otherwise healthy and don’t get sick often even though I work with sick children.
  2. Hi everyone. 35 year old Female and I have GHSV as diagnosed by my doctor even though all my IgG tests are always negative. We are both convinced it is herpes as is another doctor but my lesions don’t have a lot of fluid to swab and I am scared to go off antivirals at this time to test accurately. Anyway, I kept thinking it would get better and it doesn’t. I am having an outbreak so painful now I want to scream. I have been taking Valtrex 1gm daily for 5 months with zero relief and sometimes I take 2 1gm pills a day during an OB. I do think it has helped decrease the severity of outbreaks (bumps are smaller and less blister like but still lots of then all over my bump and sometimes thighs or public hair line) but not frequency. Anyway, is it normal to have outbreaks basically every week?? Like I had one early August which I thought was finishing up only to get worse Aug 12. That cleared up and led to another one Aug 24, and now Sept 6 I having a horrendous one. What do I do?? Try switching to a different med? Is my herpes resistant?? I am a single mom so how will I ever date again?? It feels like disclosure is a non issue when you don’t even have 2 symptom free and or bump free days to have intimacy. That would scare someone off for sure. To top things off I get tons of itching and burning in my nostrils and chin too and a sore throat to boot. Like I can’t live like this, it’s intolerable. Anyway just looking for suggestions and support, thank you so much!!
  3. I have been having what I thought was herpes for over a year. But instead of having outbreaks, I mostly just have symptoms all the time. It's a constant carousel of nose/eyelid itching with down there itching (different areas), pimple like sores on my butt (single fluid filled pimple type things on red base, but a few each butt cheek). Mostly they don't crust or ulcerate. Sometimes they go away quickly, other times not. No sores on my face but I have also had many sore throats this year- every time without cold symptoms or fever and every time the same pattern of dryness then soreness. I finally went to my dr to get tested and just admit I have it. And my IgG HSV 1 and 2 were both negative <0.9. Which is weird because I definitely used to have cold sores on my lips. She prescribed me Valtrex 500mg daily even though reassuring me I didn't have it- said it could be some other thing in that family like shingles. Made no sense but I wanted relief. It seemed to help but now it just seems to make it worse. The last few days I itch so much that I took 1000mg twice a day. I want to think it isn't helping because I don't really have herpes but that also makes no sense. I clearly have something and I am so miserable. In over a year I have had maybe 30 days total symptoms free. What do I do???
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