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  1. i was recently diagnosed with hsv2 ... with my outbreak I only had two open cuts and swollen lymph nodes .. I already had ghsv1 . I want to do suppressive therapy but I have a few questions.. 1) what’s the difference in acyclovir and Valacyclovir? 2) do meds stop outbreaks from happening if you take them everyday ? 3) should I jump right on the suppressive therapy boat or should I see how frequent my outbreaks are first ? 4) was my outbreak mild because I already have ghsv1? 5) what’s my transmission rate if I decide suppressive therapy
  2. I was diagnosed with GHSV1 last year June . My primary outbreak included swollen lymph nodes on each side of the groin and excruciating blisters and bumps . Three days ago I had sex with my boyfriend and when I woke up my nodes we swollen again and today I noticed cuts near my anus . Could this be a second outbreak ? Does lymph nodes swell with recurrent outbreaks ?
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