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  1. Just was thinking of you and wanted to see if things are working themselves out? Also, make sure he is on suppression medication to prevent transmission to you. Also, look into taking olive leaf extract, oregano oil and bee propolis for yourself while you are still negative. Try to always wear super lysine chapstick too - Hope you are well.
  2. I am 42 female from CA... Recently diagnosed with HSV1 after having HSV2 for 10+years and am continually beating myself up over the diagnosis, dating and the blame. I would like someone to talk to that can relate - male or female. A lot of loneliness, isolation and working myself to death because that’s what I deserve -
  3. How long have you been married? Did he already have HSV2 or did he have an extramarital affair? Does he think he got the HSV2 from you? You should both get tested, seek counseling and work on staying together if that is what both of you want - I definitely think a family unit is worth it especially if love was there at one point. It can be rekindled and all relationships go through ups and downs. I am bummed for you. I was never married but got HSV2 from someone who did not tell me he had it. I was so infatuated, in love with this man that although I was hurt, it was worth it because I could see no one else in my future but him. My heart literally hurt if I thought of him not being in my life and when things ended up not working out for other reasons after 2.5 years, it took years to get over it and yes I was left with HSV2 which did not help matters. I try to take a positive spin on that situation and some days it is ok. HSV 2 can be very painful, life altering and shameful or it can be nothing; It all depends on your immunity, genetic makeup, mental outlook and how you treat your body. Obviously, if I could go back in time, and choose to not have it or have it and not be 'emotional' or 'in love', I would have walked away from the relationship early on but this is from an individual who suffers from severe OBs even 10+ years later with lots of wasted time, energy and depression on the HSV in general which is definitely on me. Shit happens. Only you can tell if it's worth it and it sounds as if you have a lot more to lose than I did so it may be worth fighting for but this is just an opinion... Peace and love to you
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