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  1. Hi there, My husband and I really talked about this, he is really concerned about my health and doesn't want me to contract H from him. I keep on telling him that it doesnt really matter to me coz i accept him for who and what he has, even if I will contract H as long as we will be together. But it seems like he really thinks that separating is the best for us and thats fair for me. I told him about the meds but he refuse to take them, he told me that he doesnt want to experience some side effects of anti viral drugs.
  2. Hi sarah thanks for the encouragement. im glad I found this forum, I can share my situation to people who’s going through or been through the same situation. I feel so alone coz I cant even share my problems to my own family as i dont want them to get hurt and feel sorry for me. im just hoping one day my husband will realize that im here for him 😭
  3. Hi thanks for sharing your experience. My husband and I have been together for 5 years now. my husband had an affair 2 years ago, it was so hard as I just gave birth to our boy and we separated for a while. We tried a lot to make our marriage work, and now that things are getting better, his diagnosed with hsv2. Life is just so hard! My husband told me that he love me but he doesnt want me to get infected. He was sorry coz he fucked up my life since he cheated. But I still love him and I told him I still want to be with him but He keeps on telling me to rethink and consider my self as well. I dont know if its worth saving our marriage, when at the moment he is so negative about life.
  4. Thank you for the advice. I still dont have hsv2. I told him that I will stay with him and im not giving up on our marriage. I really want to be there for him and support him with what his been going through. But he keep on telling me that im in denial of the situtation ( which I m not anyway). I told him that I read many forums about people with hsv2 that are living their lives and being happy as they dont let the virus ruin their plans in life. But instead he just told me that im just reading those with happy ending! to be honest he’s really frustrating me , but im just really trying my best to understand him coz i know he’s not in a good place right now.
  5. Hi all My husband just got diagnosed with Hsv2 few weeks ago while I was travelling overseas. he was very upset & doesnt really want to communicate with me and wanted to separate with me. I told him im willing to take the risk, even I will have Hsv2 eventually coz I love him so much and I want our family together. He told me he just wants to make me happy & wants to make the right thing. I feel like he’s pushing me away. im really trying to understand him and his situation even if its really hard for me. Does anyone here have the same experience and give me some advice please. Thanks
  6. Hi all We just found out that my husband got genital herpes, at the moment our relationship has been crazy, we already talked about maybe we will separate since he wants me to be happy and to be fair with me. But I love my husband so much that i want to be there for him for as long as he wants me to ,but at the same time im afraid to have herpes as well. Could someone please encourage me or educate me about what are the symptoms and what you’s experience when you have an outbreak.
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