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  1. Thank you! Had to post it to my Facebook as a reminder.
  2. Oh this brighten my day! And made me giggled. Yeah it sucks at times being a woman, but God gave the toughest jobs to women. Lol because he knew we could handle it. Lol! NEXIS
  3. Thank you WCSdancer That's a excellent idea. P.P as much as I dont like what they are famous for, they do offer other services besides that. Now that we have relocated and there is one here im going to check it out. All I hope is nobody sees me in passing, No matter what church you go to THAT place is a no no. The outer labia's are healing up nicely its just those hidden parts that seem to take the longest. I am so grateful for you on this site your a veteran to this skin disorder. I almost came out of the H closet and was about to tell my mom but chickened out. I DID tell my sister and her hubby and they were most supporting. The pain is being managed by 500mgs of Aleve and only use Vicoden in emergency. Kinda scared of doing the bath soak it killed my confidence. But maybe if I can muster the courage I will try the Epsom salt. I wonder if ocean H20 would work. Ty for you advice Marcia aka NEXIS
  4. Thank you I know they aren't cankers but they sure do look like canker sore sorry for not clarifying. So basically I missed the window and just have to ride it out? Lemon balm where do I find that? Is it a liquid essential oil? The sores are in labia's minor and its just covered with them. Painful urination due to sores on the uthera. Sry autocorrect. I just hope im on the tail end of this before I start my new job. Will keep walmart in mind. NEXIS
  5. I am having my second out break and it hurts like crazy. So your not alone in this. My sores are weeping yellowish pus which I hope is a sign of healing. Everything that everyone has advise is tried and true except when I did a sitz bath I think I used too much Epsom salts. What I learned this week is Tucks Medicated wipes. They are awesome they clean freshen and dry up the sores. Also preparation h makes a cooling gel that you could also apply. My husband did a lot of research In how to lesson the pain. Do not use BENZOCAINE! ! Burn screaming burn ! Also just to make you laugh that cooling gel works wonders on the face bye bye wrinkles. Also I have learned if you can find it in your area is liquid Witchhazel find the alcohol-free variety it soothes and cools down the swelling and helps with the drying out. I have heard online where people have used Abreva but it is too expensive. Vicoden tablets for pain or 4 Aleve to help. Get some lidocaine from dr. To numb it down their. Its a Rx's works and I swear my life on it. I hope this helps NEXIS lexis
  6. Hi everyone im back. Time for my second outbreak. So Im not on any Valtrex and have been nursing the canker sores with Tucks Medicated wipes and Topical Lidocaine 5% and the wonderful vicoden for pain. My question is what does the healing process look like when you go without the antiviral? On minute it looks like its going away and I feel as if I could walk faster instead of hobbling then the next day it seems like nothing has changed and it was all I my mind. I am not at the stage where it crusts. But the canker are leaving a yellowish orange tinge pus. At first I thought it was residue from Oral-Gel which is tinted orange. BENZOCAINE is not for vaginas!!! not the same as Lidocaine! The second O.B. isnt as bad as my first but it is equally painful. How long will this last if I stay on the course of not getting Valtrex, has anyone tried using the one that starts with the letter "Z" or the other one that starts with the letter F ? My husband and I were doing job changes and job transfers. Moved back to where I originally lived at. So the stress got the best of me and decided to remind me that it was still very well and alive that I had (HSV2) And decided to make a appearance. Its been six months since the last O.B I guess I got a little preoccupied about having it. I cannot find anything about the healing process online except you get blisters then a canker then its heals and crusts and returns back to dormancy. Im just scared about going to the dr. Because of no health insurance. $65.99 for lidocaine 5% dr. Visit $100.00 for non insured. Feelings of hopelessness consumes me. Any help or advice would be greatly appreciated. Btw E.R visit $500-800 a day. Thank you NEXIS lexis
  7. I remember Adrial saying to use witchhazel wipes aka TUCKS medicated. It works I tried a sitz bath with Epsom Salts and either I used too much and not enough water but I thought I saw my spirit leave my body. The pain was excruciating. Sorry I haven't been on for a while been busy. On my second outbreak : (
  8. thank you for the holiday cheer of encouragement. loved it! I think we need to be reminded of this periodically. that we need to take care of ourselves first, then once we do that we can take care of others because we will be running on full and not on empty. merry Christmas to all marcia
  9. beautiful! now if everyone could grasp this just think of how things could change. I'm going to post your fear quote on my fbk page love it.
  10. if you have a Walgreens they have a Rx club and its $20.00 for the year and you can get your meds cheaper. valtrex on the other hand is very expensive out of pocket even with their club prices. check with your grocery store that has a pharmacy and ask if they have a list of medications that are between $4.00 and $10.00. if you have a Hy-Vee grocery store they can print out a list of 300 meds that are $4.00 hopes this helps.
  11. you might have to start back up with the lexapro. it would suck to build up a tolerance to klonopin. but I understand about the leveling aspect. another thought is going to your local animal shelter and see if they need a volunteer to play with the dogs its good socialization for them and good for you. it will make you feel better.
  12. big hugs to you ! I'm on klonopin also. I'm sending my big slobbery Rottweiler and our brand new puppy heidi who is also full of kisses to you so you will feel better. I'm a Libra and water is my sign. and in chinese I'm a rodent. lol snuggle up with some hot tea take your Lysine. wish you were in Iowa I would skip work just to be there for you. so big slobbery kisses from my puppies and a hug from me. hope this makes you feel better. p.s. celexa helps also. blessings to you.
  13. yes it is still front to back. because you don't want to get bacteria back up in your urethra and your vagina by wiping in the wrong direction. maybe you could just stop short to your peri (taint) area. not sure about hemorrhoids though. I'm 41 and I get worried also. ; )
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