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  1. Thank you for the kind and encouraging words. He called tonight on his way home from meeting friends earlier and we talked for almost an hour. Conversation was as good as usual but I chickened out on talking to him about it as we are still making plans to go out on Sunday. I feel like it is better to have these real conversations on person and not over the phone or via text. Praying all goes well but will strongly consider your advice to limit the time to think that he has in order to be fair to myself. Thank you again!
  2. I recently met a man from online dating and we have been talking every day for at least 2 months. We have gone out 3-4 times and we spend hours talking and enjoying each other's company. Last weekend, I went to his apartment and he cooked dinner and we had a great evening. Things got a little heated not long before I was supposed to leave and I felt I needed to have the disclosure talk with him. I stopped the fireworks (still had our clothes on) and told him that I needed to be honest and up front about myself. I shared with him that I had been given herpes from an unfaithful ex and I felt he needed to make the informed decision about how to proceed when it comes to sexual intimacy. He was super sweet and said he wasn't prepared for what was happening and he would have to go to the store so he asked if we could wait until this weekend and he would come to my house "more prepared". I was ok with that. Over the course of the week I felt like something was different but he was still texting every morning and throughout the day. I thought maybe I was over analyzing and preparing myself for the worst. He texted today and said he has had a restless couple of nights since and that he gets checked regularly to make sure he is "clean". He said he is seriously concerned with getting sexually involved. He said "I really like you and enjoy your company. Can we perhaps just go back to enjoying the company & laughs and put any intimacy up on the shelf? Please?" I asked if the intimacy would be on the shelf indefinitely and/or permanently and he responded with indefinitely but not permanently. He also said he has been reading up on it while at work/lunches. Is this a rejection or do I take it as he cares enough to research and learn and make a better decision later? I am trying to resist the urge to run to protect myself because I really like him and the time we share together. HELP!!
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