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  1. Hi there, sorry for what you are going through. From her perspective, I understand the pain & anger that she was not given the choice to make her own decisions about her health. From your perspective I also understand the pain & fear of rejection. I also struggle with the science & behavior of others. For instance I have literally never heard anyone disclose having cold sores when they were 3 or 4 to anyone before starting to date. essentially I feel this is the same thing. Same virus, same body just above the the belt and not below. I do think in order to change the stigma - the healthcare community absolutely needs to test everyone. I think 70% of people knowing they carry the virus would change everything about the way we think of this. That being said once we know better, we have to do better. Don’t beat yourself up- just learn from it! keep your head up.
  2. Hi, I will tell you I truly believe I have passed it onto my daughter. We are still in limbo of getting a definitive diagnosis. If you would like to private message me.
  3. I think the first thing you should do is tell someone you are close to. Someone you trust whether your parents, sibling or a close friend. It will help you not feel so along in this. Try counseling and work towards ending the relationship. The title of your post says everything. You feel trapped. I believe he meant to trap you! Don’t let him. ❤️
  4. Just need to get on here and let my emotions run. I have been on this site for many years. I have Oral and Genital HSV1. I have zero idea how I contracted genital but it took many years for the diagnosis, after visit after visit to the ObGYN and a lot of research. I have never had a positive swab and I have atypical symptoms. My OBs appear like folliculitis - at the bikini line and few small red dots on my thighs and buttocks. For years I never knew what it was. It was always my biggest fear I would transmit it to my daughter, especially because by the time I got the diagnosis it was years after I had her. A few years ago she had her first symptom in the summer. She was 8 years old. I noticed a large pimple like sore which was healing at her bathing suit line. She followed that with “poking sensations” itching burning and discharge. I did take her to the doctor but they decided not to swab. Now years later in May I noticed another pimple like sore in her bikini line that looks a lot like my small sores. I was not able to get her to the doctor in time for a swab. She also has had small red dots one at a time on her upper thigh, outer thigh and inner thigh. None have any kind of fluid in them that I can tell. I know this sounds over the top but the small red dots that she gets on her thigh look exactly like mine do .... but no one will listen. I don’t wish to traumatize her by bringing her to multiple doctors to swab private areas on her. But I feel like I’m just waiting for a bomb to go off... the more areas pop up the more it compounds the evidence for me that she has it. How did she get it? Was I not careful and she sat in my lap when she was younger. Did I scratch a sore before I knew what it was and then touch her. I’m drowning in what ifs. And the terror of how she will handle this as a young girl. It’s not fair. She will never be able to navigate life as a normal tween. I am not okay!
  5. Is there any support group for parents of kids who contracted genital herpes. I strongly believe my daughter did and I want to be prepared?
  6. I believe what you are going through as that is me to a T. Constant symptoms all the time for years
  7. I still to this day have not had a positive swab but I stopped trying because I’m not wasting my money on something I know if definite
  8. Healingmom please message me- i am in a similar situation.
  9. I believe my daughter who is age 11 has it as well. Worst nightmare but she was never inappropriately touched or in any type of situation like that. I have HSV1 I believe it can happen.
  10. I am aware. I’ve been on this site for years. I’ve had oral have since childhood. I’ve had symptoms of genital herpes for almost 12 years but never a positive swab. Doctors did agree that it appeared like herpes, and all symptoms burning , itching, nerve pain- I used to get almost like a herpetic folliculitis on my vaginal area and on upper thighs. Before I knew what it was I did all the things that moms do - allow child to sit in your lap as a baby and take baths together. About 2-3 years ago I took her to the doctor after I noticed a sore on her bottom while in a bathing suit. We were at beach and she complained of something poking her while the sore was present. When I took her to the doctor though it was starting to heal so they did not swab. During that time she was also very itchy and had a lot of discharge that they chalked up to puberty changes. I still see a yellow discharge in her underwear from time to time. she is a gymnast/dancer and 11.5 now- she was in a bathing suit and stretching yesterday and I noticed the pimple looking sore. It’s right at her Bikini line. Although no hair in the center so it can’t be folliculitis.
  11. Hi I’ve been on and off this site for years. Biggest fear is transmitting to my daughter. I’ve had concerns for 3 years that she may have contracted from me. Never anything inappropriate situation or anything like that. I have a picture of like to share and ask advice.
  12. That’s so aweful. So sorry for you girl.
  13. Yes it can lay completely dormant for that long... and also the surgery you had and the trauma to your body could have def triggered it.
  14. Dancer.... I'm seeing an ID Doctor. Didn't have anything open to swab until this morning. Trying to see if I can bring it to lab. But that's what they are thinking.
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