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  1. No chicken pox, fairly certain never exposed to mono unless recently, and no CMV unless recent exposure. I see elsehwere online what you said about HSV-1. On the topic of 2x equivocal HSV-2 results I never had any of the symptoms at all but I know some people never show them.
  2. HSV-1 was normal Much appreciated Thank you for the thorough responses
  3. Hi! I left a relationship and got tested. HSV-2 IGG came out being 1.01 equivocal and 6 weeks later a retest at 0.95 equivocal For reference they say <0.9 negative, .9-1.10 equivocal, >1.10 positive 1. How do I interpret these results? Negative, positive, naturally high for me as an individual, still undecided? 2. Is it good the index went down or does that not mean anything? 3. Why back to back equivocal results and not a hard negative or positive the second time? Thank you!
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