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  1. Hi, I've been good. So far I haven't experienced a cold sore since I took the Western Blot. I have occasionally experienced a tingling sensation but no pain. I am still uncertain about my results so I plan on taking the Western Blot again just to be sure. The test and the symptoms consumed my thoughts for such a long time that it wore me out. I haven't even kissed anyone since last year but I'm slowly feeling more at ease about the results possibly being positive. Some of the tingling can be a result of other things but if you really want to be sure (it is a rabbit hole that some people don't want to go down and you have a beg a doctor to give you the test if you have not experienced a cold sore) take the IGG test to see what the results are. If you receive a low positive and still don't receive a cold sore, either take the test again after 6 weeks or take the Western Blot. Some people will think you are being extra paranoid, but it is your health and you have every right to do what gives you peace of mind.
  2. I took the IGG test for HSV1 and 2 2 weeks after I believed I was exposed to HSV1. The results came back negative for HSV2 but positive for HSV1 with an index value of 3.87. Not wanting to believe the results I took the Western Blot 6 weeks later. The results for HSV1 and 2 came back negative. My doctor insisted that the infection had to be old since it showed up so quickly on the IGG but if it was already an established infection why didn’t it show up on the Western Blot? It’s been 6 months now and I have not experienced an type of outbreak. Should I assume that I don’t have herpes or should I take the Western Blot again since I didn’t wait 3-6 months to take it the first time?
  3. I was diagnosed with HSV1 in May by the IGG ELISA with an index value of 3.87. This past Friday while washing up, I used a bowel filled with soap and water to wash my genitals. When I went to turn on the faucet the pressure from the water coming out of it caused the water from the bowel to splash into my left eye. If I have HSV1 on my genitals (I believe it’s just oral but I have never had a cold sore nor a bump on my genitalia) could the water and soap getting into my eye cause ocular herpes? Any feedback would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Thank you for the feedback! I have been extremely depressed about the possibility of doing so since I'm not sure if the infection is new or not. I developed a yeast infection which I had not experienced in a long time and I was having tingling in my thigh, and lower back pain. I thought that maybe these things were happening because of auto inoculation. I have never had oral or vaginal sex so I'm assuming this infection is oral. Question: 1. What should I tell a potential partner? I carry the virus but I am not 100% sure whether its oral or genital? Should I even bring it up before we kiss? Have sex? I have never had any type of lesion anywhere.
  5. I have finally come to terms with testing positive for HSV1 but I still have some questions. I have never had oral or vaginal intercourse but I'm still paranoid about spreading the virus to my genitals with a new infection. If an infection is brand new, how likely is it to auto inoculate yourself if you touch your lips without a visible lesion present and then masturbate? If the infection is new and no lesion is present and you touch your lips, can you auto inoculate yourself by masturbating due to viral shedding? Responses would be greatly appreciated.
  6. Hi, I appreciate your response. I have never developed a cold sore so I couldn't have an active lesion tested. I know it's less likely to have autoicoclulated myself if I had no sore present but I have been experiencing lower back pain, nerve pain in my upper thigh, and anal tenderness. A yeast infection could not explain why I am having these symptoms. I have no history of other medical problems besides off and on stomach issues so I am running out of ideas. If this infection is new, which I believe it is, it is highly likely that I was shedding the virus from my lip. I don't remember directly touching it before I masturbated but maybe I brushed up against my lip and didn't remember doing so. The doctor took a swab to test for other STI's but they came back negative since I am a virgin. It was hard for her to get a good look at everything else inside of me since I had so much discharge. I have stop using the detergent and I am currently taking medicine for the yeast infection.
  7. I kissed a man on April 27 and then became paranoid a week later once my lip started to tingle and slightly burn and I had a slight sore throat. I was concerned that I might have contacted herpes 1 from him so I took a blood test 2 weeks later on May 13. A week later the results came back positive for HSV 1 with an index value of 3.87 (took the IGG test). I believe this is a new infection because I have never experienced tingling lips, warm lip sensations, lower back pain, nerve pain in my arms and thighs, or a stiff neck. In between the time before I took the blood test I masturbated after having recently shaved but I had no visible outbreaks on my lips and I don’t remember touching my lips before I touched below the belt. I didn’t wash my hands first. Is it possible that I autoinoculated myself without a visible cold sore since this is a new infection? Could I have been asymptomatically shedding? I have been experiencing some itching on the hood (where I was rubbing) and opening of my vagina and slight burning so I went to my OBGYN. She said its a yeast infection but I have not had one since I was a kid and I have been having slight nerve pain in my left thigh and the on and off itching. She said it could be do to the scented detergent I might be allergic to or ingrown hairs. I started experiencing these symptoms a week ago. Questions: Is it possible to autoincoluate yourself with no visible sores present if you have a new infection? Should I take the Western Blot Test to confirm my results since my index value is low? This diagnosis has caused me a great deal of stress and anxiety so I want to make sure the results are correct.
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