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  1. Thank you! Have you had a lot of luck with partners accepting you? I just hit a year of having GHSV2 and luckily have only had one outbreak since my first. Just ready to get back into the dating world and want to make sure I have all the facts to feel confident when I disclose.
  2. Hello! So it will be a year this month that I have had GHSV2. I am now interested in getting back into the dating world; however I still have questions about dos and don’ts of a sexual relationship with someone. Can one of the veterans in here let me know some things that may be different now in a sexual relationship than it may have been before diagnosis? I would start taking antivirals once I meet someone and using protection as well. But can they perform oral at all on me? Can they touch me at all down there? I just want to make sure all of my questions are answered and that I know everything so I know how to answer a potential partner who may have tons of questions before pursuing a relationship with me. Thanks!
  3. It is only transmitted through skin to skin contact. You don’t have anything to worry about from any of the the information you provided.
  4. Yeah I have been on dates but have found that I am more picky on who I want to continue seeing because of having to share this information with them, which I guess isn’t necessarily a bad thing lol. I don’t want to just tell anyone. I have read in Westover Heights that after a period of time of having HSV, you build antibodies so it would prevent transmitting to other areas of your body (for example: your mouth).
  5. @Kacey no I have not. I am nervous as well. I’m still unsure with all the do’s and don’ts with having sex. I haven’t been in a rush to meet anyone but when I do I want to make sure when it comes time for that- that I am fully informed to keep my partner safe and so hopefully I can still enjoy it like I used to.
  6. I have read a lot that stress is a trigger for outbreaks. I am going through a divorce with a child involved as well so I know how stressful that can be. I have just been running/eating healthy/surrounding myself with friends in order to keep my stress levels down as much as I can. You just have to do what works best for you!
  7. I haven’t take medication at all since being diagnosed in January. I have not had another outbreak since my first. I think as long as you keep yourself healthy and try not to stress then you may be ok. But if you are planning on being sexually active-I would suggest being on medication to lower the risk of transmission to your partner.
  8. @mr_hopp I have similar questions to the ones asked above. Would you be able to provide some information for these questions? 😊 i would also like to add to the questions on what if your partner is HSV2- ? What activities with a partner should be avoided?
  9. I haven’t used them but I heard the female condoms are best because they cover more area than a condom for men. My doctor was the one who suggested this.
  10. I just need to vent a little bit. I am struggling here. I have been doing well for awhile now with accepting the fact the I have ghsv2. However, lately I have been feeling pretty low. I have been through soo much this past year it is a miracle that I haven’t gone completely mad. Long story short- a guy I was dating gave me this “gift” and then left me for another girl right after I found out he gave this to me. He is still just living his life with his new gf just acting as if what he did to me never happened. Meanwhile- while I was going through my first OB- my parent tried to commit suicide. Yeah...talk about trying to keep it together. And to top it all off I am going through a custody battle with my ex and had to gain emergency custody of my daughter due to his problems. So not only am I trying to be the best single mom I can be, I also have to cope with this condition as well. I will never understand how someone could do what my ex did to me. How he can go through life and convince himself that he is a good person? It’s honestly so unfair. I am trying to move on with my life, I really am. But at the end of the day I don’t know what I did to deserve this or what I did to deserve to be treated like this.
  11. Hello! So I have the handout for the disclosure talk but I wanted some input on taking this discussion further. I know that if someone had brought this up to me, I would have questions regarding having sex. So here are some questions I want to be prepared to answer: 1. Can you transmit to a partner if they are touching your genital area with their hands while you are shedding? Precautions to take to reduce risk? 2. Can an HSV2- person perform oral sex on an HSV2+ person? What precautions could we take to reduce risk. 3. Has anyone ever used a female condom, and if so what’s your opinion on them? Comfortable? Awkward? Would like both male a female perspectives if possible! I know we are able to live normal lives with the intimacy that we deserve but are there any serious precautions that one may not know of that I need to take before having sex with an HSV2- partner? I just want to make sure I am doing my absolute best to keep them safe. I also want to enjoy it without worrying and being paranoid. thanks!
  12. Can you update us on what ended up happening with your boyfriend?
  13. Hello! I was diagnosed with GHSV2 in January and have not dated anyone since. I was recently set up with someone online and we have been talking every day. We will be meeting in October and I am already super nervous about disclosing. I have never had to do it before and I am soo nervous. So far, this man seems amazing. But I can tell I’m trying to hold myself back a little because I’m nervous to put myself out there for rejection. One important information can you recommend that I have ready to give him once I disclose? I do not take antivirals, yet, but will once we get closer to being intimate. I also have had only one outbreak since being diagnosed.
  14. Hello everyone! I was diagnosed with ghsv2 in January. Since then, I have had only one outbreak after the initial outbreak (thank goodness). Anyways, I have recently met someone and was going to start taking antivirals to lower the chance of transmission. My question is that since I have only had one out break since initial outbreak, does this seem as though I have developed strong antibodies and could be less likely to asymptomatic shed? I had decided not to take antivirals from the start to naturally let my body build up antibodies against this virus. I am also nervous that with taking antivirals that it will possibly cause me to have more outbreaks. I’m just all around nervous and want to be educated on this before getting closure to the disclosure. Also, I wanted to know more information about this uVB ozone therapy...
  15. It’s crazy because I can go for weeks feeling good about myself, and then one day it just hits me and I start getting in my head about it. I have been working on redirecting my thoughts when I find myself thinking back about how I got it and what I went through. All I can hope is that this will only make me stronger in the end. And what signs to look out for when dealing with a narcissist.
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