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  1. Hey I use immune boosting tinctures. Avoid stress. Healthy diet. Valacyclovir (not "natural" but does the trick and saves you emotionally and mentally).
  2. Hi all! Well it's been 12 years since my first outbreak and I still get triggered! For the most part I have been able to reach for the gifts and inner growth having herpes has allowed into my life. My life was out of balance back then in so many areas. I was going to school and had a terrible diet. I was looking for love in all the wrong places. I didn't know my self worth and self love was low. I battled with depression and addiction. It does get better! It does get easier to disclose. Finding the right person and the right time is really important. I haven't given it to anyone of my boyfriends or girlfriends- gratefully! I do take valacyclovir when I have a partner and that helps physically and mentally/emotionally. I thankfully havent had an outbreak for 5 years. I was recently "rejected" after disclosure which triggered a lot of feelings and started drinking again after quitting for 2 weeks. I learned from the situation though. I realized this was not the type of relationship i actually desire and I disclosed too fast. I think at the beginning of a connection staying in neutral territory is best (for me). I.e. not ending up at someones house where I am vulnerable and they too could end up uncomfortable. Being safe emotionally for me is important but also i realized that the other person needs to feel comfortable too. They will need to process this and be educated and make a choice which can take time. Or they may know quite soon whether they are open or closed to sex. I am definitely feeling alone these days. I have friends I can talk about this with but ultimately my relationship with myself is the key. I am working out again and eating better. I am medicated for depression which was an issue from way back as a young adult. Life is good. I am really into law of Attraction and feel so connected to my inner being and Source. I love my job and nature. I feel powerful and excited for what is next. This is not an easy road. There is so little education and so much fear. The people I have been partners with have not cared one bit about herpes. They loved me. And all of you will be loved for you. Self love and health makes it so good. All the best Krystl
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