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  1. Hi all . It’s been a while since I posted back last summer but I just wanted to give an update : I am in a much much better space and I can truly say opening my bible to read and understand how God views me and how He intended for me to think about myself has truly helped. I had to devote EVERY SINGLE DAY to changing my mindset and the thoughts going through my mind ! If you’d like any devotional options or messages that really helped me I’d be glad to share ! also had my FIRST disclosure two days ago and I literally almost threw up before i sent a text (Couldn’t bring myself to do it face to face because I’m way too emotional). To my amazement it actually went well. He told me that he appreciated me telling him and how he had dealt with other females in the past with HSV-2 and was ACTUALLY able to give me some pointers he learned from them. Not sure where this will lead but wanted to share that disclosures won’t ALWAYS be an unpleasant experience. I’m just glad my first one went smoothly so now I would be more inclined to do it again if need be just off of this experience. Hope this helps someone ♥️
  2. Thank you both @tiredandlonely and @100918 for your encouraging words and stories . I just recently got diagnosed last week and every waking moment I’m trying to push thoughts, possibilities, and different situations out of my mind . I’m sure this will overwhelm me for some time seeing as it’s so fresh. I’m just literally trying to make it through each day. Thank you both again for giving this thread some positivity.
  3. I get nervous right now thinking about dating . However, I definitely agree. I feel my pool will be lower and I will have to lower my standards 😢. I’ve also read a lot of success stories up here but I am still in a place where I feel it’s not going to happen for me.
  4. I know this is late but I’m in Atlanta!
  5. Good evening , I just wanted to say I just recently received a diagnosis of HSV-2 and have been utterly devastated ever since . Coming across this forum has been a major sigh of relief. I aspire to be as brave as you all in the future. Right now I’m just in a really low place of disbelief and shock . I was wondering if insurance covers these antiviral prescriptions and/or if you don’t mind answering, how much are these prescriptions monthly ? Thank you all for your help.
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