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  1. Once again Mr. Hopp....you came through for me! Thank you for the info and enjoy your 4th! 🙂
  2. Mr. Hopp....How long have you been doing the Suppression Therapy?
  3. Hi Mr. Hopp! Yes, your response does help...Thank you! Take care!
  4. I would like to open up a discussion on those of you on Suppression Therapy for genital herpes and get your feedback. Thanks!
  5. Hi Mr.Hopp.... Since you are doing the suppression therapy...I would like to get your feedback on whether or not you use protection when having sex ...I know it is recommended. Yes, a bold question indeed...but I guess that is why this site is geared towards helping one live with this virus. Thanks so much!
  6. I appreciate your message....take care !
  7. I'm a 63 yr old female...found out I have Genital Herpes from a blood test....have NEVER had an outbreak...had no idea I had it. I had to have had it for decades... II have a partner that does not have herpes and I wanted to go on Suppression Therapy. My PCP says that she can only prescribe acyclovir 400mg. twice a day for 10 days, but will not put me on it any longer. Since I do not have outbreaks. I probably have internal shedding. Being on a daily dose will keep this under control.....PCP also said Acyclovir was too dangerous to take all the time! HELP !!! Thanks...
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