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  1. 20F in college, glad im not alone in this @glasgowgirl @ivoryrain @missanonymous
  2. @missanonymousWow, I hope things get better, my friend convinced me to try therapy. I'm gonna throw myself into my new job and my school. As well as try working out more and finish some of these books! And hopefully one day we'll be able to have a family and kiss our children. I love that last part, it really helped me get through my day!
  3. @missanonymousthank you for responding, how have you been doing these past two months? how do you cope?
  4. I'm a college student as well, 20, looking for someone around my age and gender (female) that can relate to what I'm going through. I feel like I'm alone. I have so many questions on whats to come, I don't know how I'll be able o balance a social life with this or even enjoy social outings like going to the club without feeling disgusting. I feel like I can't flirt, talk to guy, dance on guys and I just feel disgusted at myself when boys even try to pursue me. thinking "if only they knew". I want to pursue law, that's my passion but I can't help but think I'll be that single, bitter, lonely, lawyer because of this disease
  5. I am a newley 20 year old college student. As you can see from my display name, I'm not taking this news well. What makes it worse is, I'm still trying to pin point who I got this from. Not because I've had multiple sexual partners, but because my past 3 recent partners made it seem as if, everything was okay butt I can't blame anyone for not knowing. I recently told two friends who are extrememly supportive but I really want a friend who can relate so if you're in your 20s, female, and a college sttudent, please contact me, I need someone who can relate in my life. It's really hard trying to cope and acceot this, I can't help but think this was a mistake in the labs or maybe a cure will happen. I can't go through a day without crying or contemplating suicide. I know this is something not worth losing my life for, trust me, I've had thoughts like this in the past and never went through but not being able to feel like my old self again is so hard. I have HSV1, I'm not sure which but I think genital, I plan to go back to the lab for more questions. Will i ever find love? how can i watch relationships on TV without feeling inadequate. I've never been in a relationship so this diagnosis only makes matters worse. I'm young and I can't even really experince or live my life I feel. Does anyone have any advice about moving forward or any coping mechanism?
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