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  1. @MarcT I think you and I may be in the same boat. Where are you on this issue as of late?
  2. June 3rd is when I believe I was exposed. A few days after the encounter I experienced what felt like tingling sensations in the penis (in the urethra, on the head of the penis, in different locations on the shaft). It also seemed like my scent changed. So I got a test from the clinic and everything tested negative... Unaware, I wasn't screened for herpes. On the the 10th day from exposure, I left town and felt something was not right. I visited a Dr and because I was out of town did not go through any testing, however had a conversation with the Dr who halfheartedly suggested an antibiotic gave me a 5 or 6 day dosage of Doxycycline. Now I am not certain if it was during this time I felt the body heat during night time but I do recall the frequent urination, pinching in the underwear and tingling. I cannot recall necessarily any painful urination. I do recall my genitals feeling hot (both penis and testicles). Near the 25th day after exposure with symptoms still semi present, I visited my local Dr who performed STD testing to include Herpes testing. I was informed that following week that I was positive on an IGm test with an index of 1.14 (an index of 1.1 or higher being "positive") . IGG tests both came back negatives for HSV 1 and 2 however, a positive IGM test was on the report. I came to the Dr with urinary discomfort, pelvic pain and burning, and burning in my hands and face. I was ordered valacyclovir and directed to take 1 tablet every 12 hours. I started this treatment on the 2nd of July approximate 29th day after exposure. I then left town again and during that weekend (around 31st day of exposure) hand pelvic pain and discomfort. Recalling the memory it felt not like cramping, yet a burning discomfort as if it was coming from my bladder or kidneys. The discomfort in the pelvic area eventually went away but then came the inner thigh burning sensations. It was a sensation I don't believe I have ever experienced before. At night felt as though my heart was beating in my anus or in between there and my testicles. My skin would sometimes feel like it was on fire such as my hands or feet. After my internet degree I felt I left myself in a terrible situation by reading things out of my depth, which my Dr. advised I avoid but I couldn't resist. The Dr. even thought maybe I was hanging anxiety and potentially causing some of these sensations. The follow up blood work reported normal/negative levels of IGG and IGM. Which the Dr stated could be an effect of the Valacyclovir. Further follow up testing is recommended. A few weeks now past that, around the 50 day mark since exposure, the burning sensations in the inner thigh seem to have subsided (for now). During this time frame is when I noticed my lips and nose area nearest my face would have a burning sensation. (I can even feel it sometimes now at day 63) . I spent some time in the sun and would sense my lips becoming more inflamed and would apply chapstick and when home take an additional dose of valacyclovir (which did seem to help) Around day 56 I noticed what appears to be a bump, white and barely noticeable that appeared around the dark ring of the shaft of my penis. No pain and it seemed to appear and after about 5-7 days it's still present however, not as noticeable (but I can see and find it easily). On Day 57 is when I noted "face/lips" and was likely outside most of the day and in the sun. I never really had issues like this before. On day 58 I decided to take a left-over bit of amoxicillin - I had from a previous issue. I believe there were 7 capsules and I took them twice a day (morning and night) to help with the general genital discomfort and foul smelling urine.. which I believe helped (possibly) Helped what? I cannot begin to understand. My corners of my mouth (and towards my chin) seem to be peeling/flaky and somewhat red-ish (intermittently). Seems like dry skin but I cannot really tell (I cannot tell anything anymore) What I do know: That I am still taking the Valacyclovir every 12 hours. I have no outbreaks. I fear I have herpes on my mouth, genitals, my tongue, and my right hand. The tingling has ceased. The inner thigh burning has ceased. The burning around nostrils and face is present and intermittent. The burning around fingers of right hand is present and intermittent. I have been taking Valacyclovir every 12 hours since July 2nd.
  3. Hi I was trying to understand if it may be possible to contract herpes on both your mouth and your genitals. (even possibly in the throat) Hypothetically speaking, if someone were to perform oral on a female (who knowingly or unknowingly had herpes) and then immediately proceed to have intercourse. Could the said person contract herpes HSV2 in both oral and genital form? **Side question, since oral sex was performed first is it reasonable to suspect that oral herpes may of been contracted first? ***Could HSV 2 oral cause pain in the groin or gentles such as discomfort or pelvic pain? ****Would pains and continue for weeks on end upwards of 60+ days since exposure?
  4. Did you all have burning during anti viral or suppressant treatment?
  5. My question is does Valacyclovir have an documented impact on Igm testing? I had my first herpes test on June 28th after possibly being exposed on June 3rd. My test results came back: IGG HSV 1 - >.1 - Negative IGG HSV 2 - .12 Negative IGM HSV - 1.14 Positive on June 20th IGG HSV 1 - >.53 - Negative IGG HSV 2 - .12 Negative IGM HSV - .6 Negative Since my suspected exposure I have not quite felt normal to say the least with issues such as a feeling of burning (fever like I suppose) all over my body after roughly 7 or so days along with frequent urinating. Which passed with about a week. Then a new round of issues and items have "popped up" none of which sores. I have been taking valacyclovir since July 2nd or 3rd however the pains and discomfort in my pelvis are continuing. Anyone have any thoughts on this?
  6. HERPES SIMPLEX 1 IGG 0.53 SEE BELOW INDEX Final CPL INTERPRETATION HSV 1 IgG NEGATIVE INDEX <=0.90 EQUIVOCAL INDEX 0.91-1.09 POSITIVE INDEX >=1.10 Note: This assay has not been specifically validated by the manufacturer for use in pediatric patients. HERPES SIMPLEX 2 IGG 0.12 SEE BELOW INDEX Final CPL INTERPRETATION HSV 2 IgG NEGATIVE INDEX <=0.90 EQUIVOCAL INDEX 0.91-1.09 POSITIVE INDEX >=1.10 Note: This assay has not been specifically validated by the manufacturer for use in pediatric patients. HERPES SIMPLEX IGM 0.60 SEE BELOW INDEX Final CPL INTERPRETATION HSV IgM NEGATIVE INDEX <=0.89 EQUIVOCAL INDEX 0.90-1.09 POSITIVE INDEX >=1.10
  7. I think I'm seeing an outbreak on the right side of the base of my penis. They seem small and when I pull my skin around it looks like they disappear. These bumps are only on one side of my penis
  8. I have just received the call from my Dr. that results for my follow up blood test have come back negative for HSV 1 and 2 igg & igm. (however) I have again been taking Valacyclovir every 12 hours since July 2nd (3-4 days after first blood test). Dr. would like follow up screening and suggested I continue on valacyclovir. Meanwhile I am still experiencing pain in pelvis and inner thighs (such as heat sensation). General genital discomfort and even a unique feeling on the right side of my scrotum, however no issues urinating & No outbreaks of lesions or sores. With that all being said, I do have a burning anus. There is also a boil (or what could be described as a bump) next to my anus which is slightly tender to the touch. I have also recently had diarrhea for the past 2 days with no major shift in diet. I am seeing a urologist tomorrow morning as herpes is not totally ruled out but the pain and discomfort is not ceasing while taking valacyclovir. (or maybe the pain has been dulled and this is what it feels like and it'd be much worse not on it?) I feel like the fact I am having that burning in the thighs makes me think this is a slam dunk case for herpes but maybe I'm being hopeful (or in denial). Maybe this is prostatitis or epididymitis. I read recently of another person on here not taking their meds for a few weeks to allow for a full blown breakout and accurate testing for 2-3 weeks. I feel like I'm going insane and the stress of this the last 50+ days has and is going to maybe kill me.
  9. @Kp07 Is this an example of an outbreak without sores? I have no sores but plenty of heat/burning sensations around my pelvic area and inner thighs. its been 51 days since suspected exposure and 28 days on Valacyclovir (1 ever 12 hours) and nothing is stopping the symptoms however no outbreaks.
  10. I will have to check on the bottle I'm not sure - Dr just prescribed it to me after popping positive on an IGM test (1.14) and having symptoms of dysuria, localized heat in the genital area, and pain the pelvis. Since then dysuria has gone, genital heat may be somewhat present, pelvic discomfort comes and goes. Additionally, I've developed symptoms of burning in my thighs, and hands and side of nose *(sometimes in my scalp) with the occasional pelvic pressure which feels like it's coming from my kidneys - it seems like it comes and goes... and occasionally I have a tickle in or around my penis..... It's be a long strange 51 days to say the least. @ash128083
  11. with that being said, isn't valacyclovir designed to suppress symptoms and/or outbreaks - meaning, if taken early you could avoid have any blisters or sores present themselves. Further on that, if that's the case, would that also reduce the amount of discomfort such as burning and tingling as well?
  12. This is interesting. I have been taking valacyclovir since July 2nd or 3rd - 1 every 12 hours. It almost seems as though symptoms persisted through the dosage. Burning, shooting sensations in legs, tingling in penis - I'm not certain of anything. I did not have any sores or sort of outbreak. However, I do have a bump on my butt near my anus that recently presented itself that seems somewhat tender to the touch. Dr said it's probably nothing however my anus seems to be a bit more sensitive than usual as of late. I wake up each morning feeling pretty good and once I start waking up the burning in the thighs start happening and likely once I make it to my office and sit at my desk a while I'm sure the pelvic pain is going to start up again. I just don't know what to think anymore of this. I don't know if I can or will go on living like this.
  13. I've tested negative for everything else multiple times. With that being said, I've read some many things that I am so confused and going back and forth on the subject. I am so overwhelmed.
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