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  1. I told a guy who I'm into that i have herpes, he seemed to be understanding and okay with it. but i havent heard from him since telling him and it makes me feel like ill never be good enough for anyone.
  2. How do i get the guy that im dating to forgive me for not telling him i have herpes before we had sex? i know he just needs some space right now. i wanna rebuild the trust between us and show him im trustworthy. 
  3. he didnt get tested yet, i dont think. he is still upset. which he has every right to be. i wish i told him before we had sex. i made a mistake. he has no symptoms at all right now. he said that maybe over time he can forgive me, but doesnt know right now. and if he does have it, i feel really terrible. but either way theres always a risk, condom or not.
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