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  1. herpes, Ever* sorry didnt proof read before sending lol
  2. Hey everyone how are you doing? I just got my third outbreak since i was diagnosed with HSV-2 gential herpers in November. I must say this really is a confidence killer. Every since finding out that i had herpes, my confidence has gone so low and i dont know what is wrong with me anymore. I try telling myself it is fine, but i still cant accept this and regain my confidence. I need some kind of pick me up to help me get through this.
  3. Maybe it was a sign because I got stood up tonight. But thank you everyone for the support. It really does make me feel better :)
  4. You're right. Thanks! I'm just confused because I know I'm nervous and I feel like it's just my eyes seeing things and that it's nothing, but I'm not going to take my chances.
  5. This has to be a joke. I'm suppose to be having the talk tonight with a good friend that I like. I just went to take a shower checked my gentials. I think I notice three small red spots. This can't be! I feel like I'm just seeing things. Idk what to do right now. Just my luck..
  6. Thank you everyone! Really do appreciate the help! Lets do this!!! :)
  7. I am getting ready to disclose to one of my friends that i have liked for a long time. Im trying to gather all of the information and figure out the best way to explain it. Im really nervous, but i think ill be able to do it. I have read different web pages of information that are telling me different things about passing h through oral sex. Im wondering what the chances are of h spreading to my partner if i received oral sex with HSV-2 gential herpes. Thank you!
  8. Glad to hear! :) where is my dinner?! :p
  9. Thank you everyone! It really means a lot I'm trying to stay positive. It really is hard. I just have to keep on reading more posts on here and understanding that everything will be okay.
  10. Oh boy I'm never gonna find anyone who's gonna wanna deal with this HSV-2. It's terrible to have :/
  11. Thank you! It helps a lot it seems as the main difference is the percentages of viral shedding
  12. I feel like I ask stupid questions, but ima go for it anyway. I'm still wondering what's the difference between HSV-1 and HSV-2 gential herpies. I have HSV-2 and besides the percentages, I'm not sure there are other differences I should be aware of.
  13. Thank you so much you all are a really big help and i appreciate it! :)
  14. Yeah I know I'm trying to stay positive. I just think about how will I ever have oral or even sex without these high risks of passing the virus to my partner. :/
  15. Thank you! Having HSV-2 genital herpes sucks :(
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