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  1. @Gypsy22its like it never went away.you know like a mole it became apart of my body.. it seems like since i had sex i raised. it doesnt bother but it bothers me because i know its there
  2. can i infect my s/o if i have sores and theyre arent open or oozing??
  3. i was diagnosed with hsv1 last year. i had protected sex with thus guy. i didnt disclose.. (stupid selfish me i know) ive had had these two bumps in my downstair area since ive gotten diagnosed since last year. couldve i possibly infected him? they wasnt raised the night we had sex. today i notice they're raised like a pimple ready to burst. i feel so bad i feel like a monster. im thinking negative thoughts like killing myself because i might have infected him....
  4. How can i get in touch with this Terri Warren? im so confused on my test results maybe one of you guys could help me. i was diagnosed with hsv1 in 2018. i had numbers such as 59.9/50.9 and tested again a week later and my results came back 34.4.
  5. I have type one. I'll have bump in my downstair area. it doesnt hurt it just bothers me because its there. also, i have had this same ob *bump since i was diagnosed which was last year. its just there. nothing has changes
  6. is it normal to have a painless outbreak? i was diagnosed with HSV * never was told which type . i have been assuming that im having an OB in my downstairs area. it has been there since ive been diagnosed i just there
  7. this may be a little long and all over the place and i hope you guys will be able to bear with me. on April 1, 2018 i had unprotected sex(stupid of me i know:( ).. i randomly went to do a std screening in july last week or week before the last {i cant remember} but i got my results back the first week of August. when i found out i had hsv i was really depressed. i was so depressed that i still to this day think i have hiv as well.! i been so fucked up that i question my results. which was neg.. is that enough of time spam to get the correct and accurate result. im in denial to even go retest... ive been thinking about harming myself lately bc i cant get the thought out of my head, i tried to put in the back of my head but something always reminds me that i might have it. im driving by i see a sign, i heard it on tv, ive been reading everywhere. this is really taking over me
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