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  1. Hi All Can pain around the navel and lower abdomen be a symptom for an initial herpes OB in a female? Thanks
  2. what sort of break do you do few days, 1 day or longer. thanks
  3. Have any of you given your bodies a break from long term suppressive therapy say for example 2 to 3 days off every few months or so
  4. Hi Has anyone used 250mg valtrex as suppressive therapy
  5. Hi Mr Hopp Yes I am in a realtionship and would never want to transmit We taking all the precautions but still a nervous wreck
  6. Hi All Thanks for everyones input on this group. A month now after being tested positive for HSV 1 and 2 and having my 1st outhbreak,life has been terrible feel like its the end of the road. After reading lots on this group and doing research I would like to know success stories of you all that have been on suppressive therapy and for how long and not infecting your partner.This is my greatest fear.Been on zelitrex(valtrex) for a month now 500mg. Thanks
  7. Hi All was just wondering if the above is possible??. My story... 2016 I noticed 2 blisters on shaft of my penis.I did not have any other symptoms of herpes. I popped them and went to a dermatoligist asking if it was herpes,he said no looked like some sort of bacterial skin infection gave me some creams and antibiotics and sent me on my way. Anyway fastforward to June this year ,all of a sudden I had a prodrome of tingling on my skin like something was crawling. 4hrs later 2 blisters appeared again on the shaft of my penis.I really got concerned as I had had protecected sex with a new partner a week prior. So i went to 3 gps and 1 proffessor of Derm who all said it was not herpes,I was still unsure and went to A 4th GP who said this looked like clinical herpes.Sent me for bloods and put me on 5days Valtrex. So bloods results came back as follows HSV-1 IGG positive ,HSV-2 IGG Negitive and IGM HSv 1 and 2 Positve. so was not sure if this was Ghsv1. doc said that our tests here in South Africa Cannot distinguish between HSV1 And 2 Anyway 6weeks later went for another blood test and this time all came back positive. What are you guys thoughts on this? Could it be just GHSV 1 from a few years ago or Ghsv2 from new infection?
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