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  1. Hey, I've posted on here once so far after finding out I had genital herpes and it was really helpful. I had another question about asymptomatic shedding. Even though I did not have a serious outbreak (no pain/itching), I did get a slight burning sensation on my genitals as if I had a paper cut. I've been taking Valtrex and my skin is now cleared up for the most part (even though there is still some discoloration). Should I expect this spot on my genitals where I suspect the virus entered to be where asymptomatic shedding will occur? or will it occur somewhere else on my skin? like my pubic region, my thighs etc. I guess I'm getting a little paranoid that the virus can be seeping out of my skin on any part of my body at any time. My girlfriend does not have the virus, and I do not want to spread it to her (which is why I'm on suppressive therapy now). However, I've read that the virus typically spreads through asymptomatic shedding, when I do not even have any sores present. I got intimate with my girlfriend a few days ago for the first time since my diagnosis and I kept my pants on the entire time I wore a condom because I was so afraid of "shedding" from some random place on my body. Am I just being overly paranoid? Is this how "shedding" works? Thanks in advance!
  2. Hi, I was recently diagnosed with genital herpes, which I got from an ex-girlfriend of mine (which she knew but did not disclose to me). I have a current girlfriend who does not have herpes. Although I have no symptoms, I want to reduce the chance that I transmit the virus to my girlfriend. I am going to start taking Valtrex tomorrow. How long do you think it will take before I can be intimiate with my girlfriend?
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