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  1. I never thought I'd be writing another post here. I have gone a LONG way mentally since June 2019. I've been going through weekly therapy ever since. But i am back again because I have exhausted EVERY option imaginable to at least HAVE ONE DAY where i don't feel and see the SAME COLD SORE on my genitals and the ever burning sensation on my inner thighs and penis. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? How come no one ever talks about this?! All i hear on these podcasts/interviews talking about their outbreaks going away for weeks, months, even years before experiencing one again. For me, I HAVE NEVER
  2. I have GHSV2 and had my first outbreak in late June 2019. It has now been two months and change and i still have the same scars that wont heal.. I went to the doctor and he found it strange that they never fully healed and i now have an outbreak inside my right nostril?? What the f**k?. He suspects it's an inflammation issue and is now sending me to an urologist. I have been silently suffering.. I need help. Has anyone who had ghsv experience an issue where you have to see an urologist?? I just want these outbreaks to go away, it's been 2 months already. I want to live a normal life and
  3. Hi I am a 26 yr old male living in NYC diagnosed with Genital HSV (1 or 2, im not really sure) 2 months ago and i feel like i don't ever deserve love or affection ever again. I honestly feel like the medical community has brushed this virus off as just a norm when it's destroying all of our lives. I need someone to talk to or meet up it doesn't matter. I just need a better perspective because i don't know if i can continue living like this..
  4. *disclaimer* I apologize if my attitude is the most pessimistic thing ever, but this is how I'm really feeling and I'm writing this post looking for emotional support or some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, because I'm running out of hope. I was recently diagnosed with HSV2 two months ago (Or HSV1 in the genitals; who cares, it's still ever longing and painful) and there never really is an end to this is it...? I know you carry this virus for life and the only thing you ever have to look forward to is that "it will be less recurrent and painful over time." However, is that really
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