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  1. I never thought I'd be writing another post here. I have gone a LONG way mentally since June 2019. I've been going through weekly therapy ever since. But i am back again because I have exhausted EVERY option imaginable to at least HAVE ONE DAY where i don't feel and see the SAME COLD SORE on my genitals and the ever burning sensation on my inner thighs and penis. HOW IS THIS EVEN POSSIBLE? How come no one ever talks about this?! All i hear on these podcasts/interviews talking about their outbreaks going away for weeks, months, even years before experiencing one again. For me, I HAVE NEVER GOTTEN A BREAK NOT EVEN FOR 24 HOURS. It is DAILY TORTURE. Burning on my thighs and penis non stop for absolutely no reason. I feel like my case is a unique one because when i talk to a few friends who also have herpes, they don't experience even an 1/8th of what I've been going through in my day to day. I am slowly losing my mind... so I'm sorry to speak so desperately on here. But I am desperate. Before anyone suggests any medications in their valuable attempt to help, I have taken all of them:14 day cleanses, reducing meat and processes foods/diets, Valtrex, acyclovir, topical creams, etc. As well as supplements: L-Lysine, Cat's claw, zinc, vitamin C, b-complex, YOU NAME IT- I have taken it. Still, it has not gotten away or improved in terms of pain/discomfort or visually. I have not been intimate with anyone over 2 years because of this. This is no way to live and lord knows i have immense hope because i rarely think of suicide, because i know others who would if they had to deal with what I'm currently going through. Can anyone please help... I am desperate.. Thank you..
  2. I have GHSV2 and had my first outbreak in late June 2019. It has now been two months and change and i still have the same scars that wont heal.. I went to the doctor and he found it strange that they never fully healed and i now have an outbreak inside my right nostril?? What the f**k?. He suspects it's an inflammation issue and is now sending me to an urologist. I have been silently suffering.. I need help. Has anyone who had ghsv experience an issue where you have to see an urologist?? I just want these outbreaks to go away, it's been 2 months already. I want to live a normal life and be able to satisfy my partner.. Thank you for taking your time to read this. Any type of info would help..
  3. Hi I am a 26 yr old male living in NYC diagnosed with Genital HSV (1 or 2, im not really sure) 2 months ago and i feel like i don't ever deserve love or affection ever again. I honestly feel like the medical community has brushed this virus off as just a norm when it's destroying all of our lives. I need someone to talk to or meet up it doesn't matter. I just need a better perspective because i don't know if i can continue living like this..
  4. *disclaimer* I apologize if my attitude is the most pessimistic thing ever, but this is how I'm really feeling and I'm writing this post looking for emotional support or some sort of light at the end of the tunnel, because I'm running out of hope. I was recently diagnosed with HSV2 two months ago (Or HSV1 in the genitals; who cares, it's still ever longing and painful) and there never really is an end to this is it...? I know you carry this virus for life and the only thing you ever have to look forward to is that "it will be less recurrent and painful over time." However, is that really true for everyone? Everyone's body is different. True, I have read on this forum that people usually have less outbreaks after the first few months/years. I have also read about people having HSV1or2 and having non stop outbreaks for months/years on end, or they have another recurrent outbreak attach after a decade of having contracted the virus. Which makes me wonder, is the whole antiviral developing after 4 months thing even true? Does your body ever truly keep the virus under control? For the past two months, I have been getting non stop outbreaks or prodome symptoms ever since i was contracted with the virus. I've been taking suppressive therapy with valacyclovir 500mg twice a day and i just recently upped my dose to 2000mg a day because another flare up came through. I recently started taking 3000mg of L-Lysine and 500mg B-Complex because i began to clearly see the demise of my sex life. I have a partner who knows of my situation and i am extremely grateful for her understand (she is god sent for sure), but i can sometimes feel and see in her face that she is scared of taking the risk of contracting the virus. I often have the feeling of breaking up so she doesn't have to deal with my emotional and physical problems. Do you ever start to feel better? like, are you always going to be feeling these prodome symptoms or random itching even when you're not having an outbreak? If that's the case, then we need to protest these drug companies, doctors and everyone who have been lying to us at these clinics, forums, drug prescription reviews (i saw a product review for l-lysine recently and i swear those are the drug companies writing those positive reviews, sorry to burst the bubble) that this virus is calm/livable and really demand for a cure. They are making LIVE WITH THIS S***. A lot of them are sweeping this virus under the rug and it's destroying all of our lives. I don't know if i will ever look, feel and love the same. I am sorry for this angry post, but this is just how i feel. I am not in the business of making people's day's worse, but i don't know who else to talk to... Please guys... is there an end to all of this suffering? because i don't know if i want to continue with this anymore....
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