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  1. I think you need to move one. The reality is if there were only one person aka one penis in the world that could be "the one" then we'd all be screwed. You could be born in different hemispheres and never meet. His reaction is normal and he's entitled. He might of been just "being nice" about the rejection. You've already learned your what happens when there's no disclosure. But now you have to ACCEPT the consequences. (I'm not chastising you.) I just think you haven't moved towards the acceptance part and its inhibiting you from moving on in a healthy manner. I think you
  2. I contracted H about 5 years ago through a series of events as part of a downward spiral of my life. H was the final bow on a life that went from reasonably successful to an utter disaster. (No illegal things involved) Just to provide some quick background info: H altered my body chemistry -I had strong body chemistry as a child. (I started using deodorant at 6yo) I was able to finally get it under full control in my college years through a change in diet, staying clean shaven, using an occasional hospital grade wash, and a prescription strength deodorant at night when the weather g
  3. I had a strict policy since early 20's of full panel screening and if they didnt want to do it I would walk away. Yes there were a few that acted stupid about it but that's about them and not me (or you in your case). The ones that acted stupid finally came around but by that time I was sometimes turned off. In this day and age if someone is not concerned with their health, then why should I merge my health (i.e. exchange bodily fluids) with theirs?? Just be cognizant that it is possible for someone to lie or make up paperwork. I'm sure this doesn't apply to 99% of people but there a
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