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  1. She’s my Bestfriend so she was one of the first I told. We grew even closer with me being diagnosed. She’s okay with it. I just don’t want to transmit it to her, but we want to have unprotected sex. So, with me being 4 months in of being diagnosed & taking Suppressive for 2 months, what would you think the percentage of me transmitting it, during unprotected intercourse. (GHSV1)
  2. Thank you for replying. No she does not have HSV & has been tested. I’m scared because I contracted it 5 months ago but been on regular treatment for 4 months & Suppressive for about 3 weeks now. I know we’re definitely going to have sex next month & I wouldn’t want her contracting it. Overall it seems as if being that it is my first year, I’m a higher risk regardless of the antivirals?
  3. Has anyone contracted GHSV-1 in the pass 5 months or less & used Suppressive valtrex for about 2 months & haven’t had their partner contract it?
  4. Would the percentage still be the same if I’ve been on Suppressive for only 1 month?
  5. Hi, I’ve recently found out I was diagnosed with HSV-1 Genitally in May after having unprotected sex with someone who didn’t disclose they had it til afterwards sadly. My question is, If I’ve been taking daily suppressive therapy since July. How likely would it be to pass it on to my partner I am now dating if we have unprotected sex?
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