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  1. Thank you so much for your response .. I think I have been holding onto the idea that this is lichen and am kinda in denial about it being the herpes causing these symptoms but I just need to accept it. I think I just worry why I am having constant symptoms . When I say constant I mean I maybe get one week of relief a month . It's insane.. I have talked to too specialists in the topic like Terri Warren and she says it's not likely what is causing my symptoms but I think she is wrong ..
  2. I have had this every day for 5 years including swelling and redness and raw spots in my vulva. Gyno diagnosed lichen but I have no white patches and steroids don't work.. my life is hell.
  3. What was the outbreak you had like ? If you went ten years without issues this will probably be a temporary thing , has anything changed in your diet /stress etc ?
  4. But most people test positive for hsv 1
  5. Hey, if you had a type specific IgG test that says you have hsv that means you do usually . Regardless of having lichen schlerosis or not . You can have both
  6. So I posted on here a while back about how confused I was about having a hsv 1 + blood test and negative hsv2 . I have had constant problems daily on my labia for over ten years , getting worse in the past 5. I have seen countless doctors and just accepted that it must be herpes and my body must have something wrong with it where it can't fight it . I had every test under the moon and tried everything . Living with a raw vagina for 10 years does a number on your mental health and relationship . Yesterday I went to discuss getting my tubes tied with a new gyno and mentioned this to her , she sa
  7. Are you able to do the letsgetchecked online blood test? They ship a box to you, you fill a vial and send it back , it's very discreet , do you have ups delivery around where you live? That's how I got my results since I live in Canada and it's super hard to get a bloodtest here , you could maybe even ask them to label it as a hormone test or something if you call
  8. Most likely , yes . You probably have type 1 , which is generally mild in most people
  9. Yes I have heard twice a day instead of once can help , try that for sure !
  10. Yes the nurse will talk to you and help you out with info , no problem , hope you get a negative !
  11. Yes ! I just used it and they were great . When you get the kit though , make sure you prick your finger like right at the tip , it can be hard to get enough blood out , I found just letting the blood drip and not massaging the finger was better . I had my results within 2 or 3 weeks of ordering the kit I think . I had to call to get the exact numbers of my results , ask to speak to the head nurse she is the best I can't remember her name.
  12. Not a problem at all! It definitely plays tricks with your mind . Go to the top right corner drop down menu and go to the little envelope , I messaged you
  13. 1. Technically I think you could cause herpes Whitlow , although I think it is probably pretty rare. Sorry I don't know exact statistics , but assuming the virus much prefers mucus membranes . You could make sure the hands don't have any cuts or abrasions , use a barrier method if you really want. You wouldn't spread the virus to their genitals through the hand though obviously , unless they quickly rubbed your juices onto themselves , although that would also probably be pretty rare. 2. From my research hsv2 much prefers the genitals and it would be hard to transmit orally , although it
  14. I've been married for 8 years and just got ghsv1 from my husband going down on me , this is not something to be ashamed of or feel dirty for . Most of the people that make fun of herpes have it themselves and are completely uneducated. Keep your chin up , you have lots to live for ♥️
  15. Hey ! We have all been through this and please trust me when I say it does pass and you will regain your confidence and realise you didn't do anything to deserve this . We are all human , and we all have sex . This doesn't make you tainted or dirty. My friend said to me the other day she has decided to refuse to feel ashamed of her body doing things she didn't give it permission to do . I thought that was pretty smart , and have tried to think the same way . Are you male or female ? There are so many people out there who this won't be an issue for , don't worry . People poke fun at herpes , bu
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