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  1. Not true. Maybe if you're citing active outbreaks? But GhSv1 rarely recurs. Sheds rarely - new study shows rate of 1.3% after 2 years and isn't easily transmitted. The majority of people who have ghsv1 got it from someone who has ohsv1 performing oral sex on them.
  2. If a partner has had cold sores are they really much much less likely to get GHSV1 - are there studies on this...I’ve found conflicting info
  3. I had my first GHSV1 outbreak which fortunately was quite mild and not painful at all just about a month ago. My doctor was very surprised when my swab came back positive for HSV1. At first I was relieved that it was HSV1 as it seemed like a somewhat milder version of HSV2 overall. Though now after doing my research I'm even more confused. *I've seen the info that states viral shedding happens 3-5% days a year in GHSV1, but a new study Terri Warren referenced states that after 2 years it seems to shed only 1-2%... though when initially infected the person sheds more like %15% of the time - should I be avoiding sex altogether over the next few months? * I was never put on an anti viral as my symptoms were not painful and cleared quickly though now I'm wondering if I should be on suppressive therapy as to prevent transmission? *I do not currently have a partner but the idea that I might transfer my HSV1 to someone is really causing anxiety especially since there aren’t any clear transmission rates. Help please
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