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  1. I was thinking of making a kik group chat so we can still be anonymous. Or a snapchat If you would like to be apart of it inbox me.
  2. I'm looking to see how to go about it because I'm sure a lot of girls wouldn't want to show their faces. I just would like something so we could reach out faster. Like imagine having a support system during a disclosure moment in real time.
  3. I disclosed to someone I was talking to recently about me having hsv1. I have a large feeling he will tell everyone. I have come to terms with the fact that it is a possibility. I'm more saddened that I know he will lie. It's a roller coaster but not a long one. I have dated enough this year (I haven't been sexually active till recently with him) I had to leave him alone because he was mentally unstable. He's literally called me constantly ever since I cut it off. I have seen people with alot more than baggage than herpes. I have this anger about why I should care about this when I have seen
  4. I am terrified of being judge. I am tired of attractive men approaching me and feeling like they don't deserve it. Like I'm carrying a lethal weapon. So today I told a guy im dating. I haven't known him for long so I told myself if he leaves it won't hurt as bad. So far he has asked a few questions but said he still wanted to talk to me. He was shocked I have it but I explained everything and he told me he knew someone with it. I don't have any high hopes but I'm just happy to rip this bandage off!!! It wasn't for him it was for me . It wasn't bad as I thought. I did it because you guys gave
  5. I love that thread it is amazing. Thank you but the group chat I was thinking about would just be for black woman and not the whole community. The group chat would allow us to have someone who understands the cultural problems we have.
  6. Before anything I want to say I am not trying to offend anyone. The reason I wanted this to be specifically for black woman is because I haven't seen many things about us beside statistics and I always feel alone like I'm the only one in my community. Now my question is there a group chat,website , or anything where black woman can support each other who have herpes? If not would anyone like to make one? (Sorry if this isn't allowed)
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