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  1. My boyfriend and I where officially dating for two weeks when I started feeling pain down there . At first I thought it could just be irritating but when I told him he seemed worried . Later that night he called saying he has something to tell me and it’s serious . We met in person and he confessed to me that he has genital herpes. I automatically broke down and out of every emotion, all I could feel is heart broken & confused. The guy that I trusted and felt so much for potentially gave me something I could never get rid of . I’m not the type to sleep around or just have sex with just anyone so I couldn’t believe this was happening to me . All the symptoms I was having added up and I ended up going to the doctors to know for sure . I got diagnosed with HSV2 and from that moment on my whole life changed . I no longer felt confidence within myself and felt destroyed and alone . No one knows I have it only me and him . I’ve been with him for 5 months now and I feel trapped . He has such bad anger and has moments he treats me less than what I am . I always was the type to be so independent , filled with confidence but now I feel so ugly and like no one will love me . I’ve always been against abusive relationships , always walked away when I wasn’t being treated right but now I don’t feel like I have the same curage and I fear that he knows that . He completely changed from the person I fell in love with . He puts his hands on me and is verbally abusive and I feel like I’m stuck with him because of that feeling that no one else will love me . He even tells me himself that if he ever sees me with anyone else he’ll laugh at him and tell him he can have me because I have herpes . I don’t know what to do and need help .
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