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  1. Why did you get tested for HSV? It's not recommended to get tested if you dont have symptoms, because the results can be confusing. Were you exposed at any point? You might not ever get a big, first breakout. If you've had it for a while and havent experienced one, you may not have one.
  2. Cold sores are usually on the outside of the mouth/on the lips... is there any chance you're thinking of canker sores? Canker sores are not HSV. I think you should retest or just go straight to the Western Blot.
  3. Test again! Look into a Western Blot test if you get another positive from a regular blood test, or right away ir you can afford it. There is a reason the CDC doesnt recommend testing and you are living it now. That's great your boyfriend isnt upset. Does he know you think it might be a false positive?
  4. I'm not an expert by any means, but I think you should retest. It's a low igg. I'm not sure what it should be after 2 years, but I think it would be higher. If you've had sex since then, but protected, you could have got it more recently. I still vote to retest though. Check out Terri Warren's forums and consider a Western Blot if needed.
  5. I recently stopped seeing someone who was HSV2+. I just completed my third at home test. I tested at 4 weeks, 8 weeks, and 12 weeks since last possible exposure. I read some of the posts on Terri Warren's forums and found a post from someone similar to me (and sounds like you also). I have oral HSV1 and have had zero symptoms or possible outbreaks after being in a relationship with someone who has HSV2, on daily suppressive meds, and used condoms. Her reply to that person's post was to move on after getting a negative test at 12 weeks and accept the negative result. I tested negative at 12 weeks, but for absolute peace of mind I might test again at 16 weeks. I am seeing someone new. I did disclose to him that I had been exposed and was testing. I have no reason to think I have it, but even if there is a small chance I figured I would feel better telling him. I had my new partner take an at home STD test, which actually included HSV2 in the panel. Now that I've been on this site and learned how common it is, I figured it wouldn't hurt to have him test too. So many people have it and dont know they have it. I've been using an at home igg test through mylabbox.com. I've had good experiences with all the tests I've done through them. It costs $80 per test of $60 if you get it on sale.
  6. Zero chance... from everything I have read, it has to be skin to skin contact. The virus would be so diluted in water, plus you had soap in there. AND, you don't know if it is genital, have no outbreak, and HSV1 sheds very little to begin with. There is really no possibility you will get ocular herpes from this.
  7. I'm interested in the answer to this as well. I'm the h- person in my relationship. He uses antivirals and we use condoms. Irishgirl- are you on antivirals? You said supplements, so I wasnt sure what you meant. Antivirals definitely reduce the risk of transmission a lot. I don't think there is any research showing lysine and other supplements reducing asymptomatic viral shedding. They might help you from getting outbreaks, but doesnt reduce risk of transmission during times you dont have an outbreak. When he says he had early symptoms, it could be symptoms of something else. Is he sure it is hsv? If he has a sore, can he get a swab test done?
  8. I had a person disclose to me and I have continued the relationship. It's not that I don't care. I like the person more than I hate the virus I guess?
  9. How are you feeling? I know it's hard to post and not receive replies. Looks like it has been a few days since your post.
  10. I am wondering if anyone here contracted herpes after someone disclosed to them and they chose to take the risk? Are you still with the person who gave it to you? Do you have any regrets about your decision?
  11. The FDA has issued a warning about it. It is essentially drinking bleach. The church group who sells it markets it to be a "cure all". If there was a "cure all" product that worked for cancer, diabetes, autism, HSV, ect... wouldnt we know about it? That would save so much time and money spent on scientific research. If you look at the basics of how each of these illnesses work in the body, they all work different. So why would one product cure all of them? Cancer is when body cells divide and grow, forming tumors which damage body tissue. It spreads through the body by the lymph system. With diabetes, a person's pancreas either doesnt function enough (type 2) or at all (type 1). Our pancreas makes insulin, which is needed for the body to use blood as nutrients. Insulin for type 1 and oral meds for type 2 help the body use the sugar in the blood as nutrients. When blood sugar is too high, the body cant use all of the sugar so it leads to health problems such as blindness, kidney disease, slower healing times which can lead to loss of limbs or other health issues. Autism is one of many developmental disabilities. It is diagnosed by signs/behaviors, because the physical cause of it inside the body is unknown. HSV is a virus. It's a virus, which none of the other three I mentioned are. So it acts differently inside the body. It activates during times of stress. None of the other three do. It lives in the nervous system, which none of the other do except maybe autism but that's still unknown. It can be tested for, but not by the same tests as cancer (biopsy) or diabetes (blood sugar tests, A1C labs). It is contagious, which none of the other are. The others might be gentic/hereditary, but HSV definitely isnt. Sorry if that was too long... I dont think it's a good idea to try. I do think it can hurt you and I do think you have something to lose. If anyone on here has tried it, there is probably a post about it. If it worked, everyone would be doing it.
  12. If you've never had a breakout I'm guessing you dont know if its oral or genital? Just that you have HSV1? It's so common and it is the same as cold sores. Most adults carry hsv1 and usually they get the virus as kids. Canker sores are different and I'm not sure if there is any kind of connection to smoking weed. I dont think Dr's prescribe suppressive meds for hsv1 (unless you have very frequent breakouts), but it doesnt hurt to have as needed meds on hand for outbreaks such as Valtrex. Talk to your Dr. The only OTC med approved by the FDA to shorten the length of cold sores is Abreva. If you have small white bumps it could be the start of a cold sore. Starting Abreva as soon as possible should help shorten the duration of your cold sore.
  13. If you are having sex with the person, I think you should disclose. Be honest. You havent tested positive, but you're testing. Do you know if you were even exposed?
  14. There seems to be some confusion here about the words expose and contract. In the wording you said you were going to use, you used the word exposed instead of contracted. You've already exposed him when you had sex. You were exposed to the virus and you also contracted it.
  15. I have oral hsv1. I get a cold sore every couple of years. I started getting them 10 years ago and Ive only had four. 3 times seemed to be related to stress and lack of sleep, and the other time too much sun. Getting a valtrex rx has saved me from more outbreaks, I think. I take the pills when I feel a tingle. I always keep Abreva around too.
  16. I kind of thought from your first post that you did already expose him?
  17. Have you seen or talked to him since? It looks like no one responded to your post. There is a lot of information in this site about disclosing. Read through the forums to get an idea of how to do it. As far as I know, I dont have herpes. I joined the site after I had a guy disclose to me. I'm still seeing him and I'm still on this site. I dont think I've contracted the virus, but I've learned so much here I feel I understand the risks. You'll meet someone who is accepting. It's so important though to be honest and tell them. I appreciated his honesty with me so much and saw how hard disclosure was, I cant imagine him not being honest with other issues moving forward. I feel disclosing shows a lot about a person and if anyone rejects you at that point let them go.
  18. So you know if its HSV 1 or 2. Have you tried Abreva? I'm not sure if it works on HSV 2, but it can help with HSV1.
  19. Antifragile. I know this is an old post, but were you on antivirals? Or just condoms?
  20. How are you feeling Healingjourney? Not everyone first outbreak is the same, so yours might not be as bad as your friends was.
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