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  1. I wouldn’t say that I have necessarily “given up” yet but this is definitely something I’ve noticed myself. I contracted the virus a few months ago so it plays heavy on my mind sometimes still, and when I’m deep in thought about it is when I’m most uncomfortable. when I’ve had a busy day at work and my mind was busy w that, I’ll realize I wasn’t really uncomfortable until the thought came back around.
  2. I’ll give probiotics a try as well. thank you! @Cwgrl100
  3. I’ve noticed that sex leaves me really irritated and sore as well, even before contracting the virus but of course now it’s way worse. Is there a certain lubricant you recommend?
  4. this is actually an amazing idea and could really do a lot for a lot of people. you should definitely start it up if it doesn’t exist. count me in!
  5. Hi @Kacey! I am 21 soon to be 22 as well and though I didn’t lose my virginity to him, I contracted the virus from someone I idiotically trusted. I’m really glad to hear you’re doing better! I haven’t quite gotten past the phase of “how could I be so stupid” “if only I had ignored him”, but I am past the “why me”. nothing makes me better than anyone else who makes the occasional dumb decision, so why not me. the aftermath of that one is just something I have to deal with for the rest of my life. my relationship with him before wasn’t easy to describe so it’s damn near impossible now. he was unaware that he had the virus himself. doesn’t change the hurt and mental damage I faced when I received the news though. I can’t give you anything inspiring YET, but if you are like me and are looking for a new friend who can understand your situation a little better than most then I’d love to chat sometime! we can get past the depressive state together lol
  6. hello everyone ☺️ Im a 21yr old female who contracted the virus a month ago. I’m looking to give the same comfort & support that I’m seeking. I have an amazing support group, I am blessed.. but I want to at least have one person in my corner who can understand the random days that it gets me down mental & emotionally. would love to chat with some people who are around my age or older, but honestly willing to chat w anyone. not gender specific, I just need the understanding and insight. brand new to the site but I’m sure if you message me privately I’ll figure out how to get to it lol. wishing love, mental positivity, & inner happiness to all ❤️
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